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Venturing in the dark outreaches of the Persean Sector is a pathway to salvaging ships with many abilities, some considered to be unnatural.

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 This ship pack provides a wide selection of more than 30 vessels that do not exactly match existing vanilla aesthetic or gameplay styles. They range from the uncommon and unconventional class to some properly rare (and expensive to deploy) super-ships. Still, everything should be balanced with proper strengths and weaknesses; including some new balancing levers such as exotic weapons interfering with each other, to avoid any power creep.

 The intent here is to offer enough different "white whales" that you are both guaranteed to encounter several of them in any given run, yet each would be rare enough that you won't be able to collect them all in a single play-through. If you are using Nexerelin however, you will be able to start directly with some of the uncommon ships. I would even advise trying some of the very enjoyable "player-bait" destroyer starts.

Small sample of the ships you might encounter:
Hedone-class armed yacht

Gustav Royal Starworks' best selling premium yacht, ideal for the affluent needing to travel in comfort and security.

Aethernium-class militarized racer

Fast and economical courier that never walks away from a fair fight.

Butterfly-class private security destroyer

Makes up for its lack of versatility with raw frontal firepower.

Five-five-seven-class bounty-hunter destroyer

Flashy coat of paint, big gun that makes a big noise, daredevil attitude, badass in every way.

Obelisk-class luxury liner

Guaranteed to impress your guests somehow, either with its ostentatious design and facilities, or with its massive gun.

Tumbleweed-class explorer

Jack of all trades, master of none...

Bullhorn-vlass heavy cruiser

Slightly more agile and versatile than a Dominator-class, even more vulnerable to the rear.

Cassowary-class support battlecruiser

The true nemesis of captains with OCD.

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This mod is quite packed with content. When used with other large mods you may need to allocate additional memory.
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You like the mod? Help to make it better: Donations will be used to commission content I cannot create myself, such as illustrations or music. Additionally, if you would enjoy playing with a custom paint job I also take commissions for a reasonable rate. PM me for more details on the Forum or Discord.

Made with Trylobot and Deathfly's Ship Editor
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