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Starvival - Immersive Survival Addon, provides a fully working NEEDS mechanic with stages, new addictions, Spaceship Refueling and full list of other complimentary features.
Concider to prepare thoroughly, Starborn!

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Starvival - Immersive Survival Addon, provides a fully working NEEDS mechanic with stages, new addictions, spaceship refueling and full list of other complimentary features.
Concider to prepare thoroughly, Starborn!

Keep i mind that this mod will not be for everyone. It is more complex and has far more synergetic and needed features for full experience, than similar counter parts. 
If simply eating, drinking, and sleeping isn't enough for you, want more systems to harass you, then you've come to the right place. Because sometimes, simple is not enough.


After sleeping in the bed, you will get a little introduction message about activating NEEDS mechanic and a little book. After a couple of seconds all systems will launch and notify you on Apple HUD Watch.


  • Starborn will develop needs for food, thirst and rest. Each NEED has several degrees of penalties: from the most moderately harmless to the critically serious.

  • Each NEED has its own filling scale with a limit of up to 125 points. As time goes by a certain number of hunger, thirst and fatigue points will be depleted. Each NEED has its own amount of points and depletion rate. Can be configured through the book (please read additional info below)

  • From 76 to 100 there are no penalties. Starting from 75 points, the first penalties will appear and as you become hungry, thirsty and tired, they will only increase. Maximum can be 4 penalties at a time for each need.

There is also a special bonus called "Nutrition Manager" if you support a character needs beyond the normal limit.
  • From 101 to 125 a special useful bonus for the character begins to take effect. But it will only work if hunger and thirst are BOTH filled above normal levels. As soon as both or one of the needs falls below the excess norm, the bonus will immediately disappear.

Note: Bonus also will not work if you are “Oversatieted”, read about this in the “OVERSATIATION” section.


  • Sleeping restores fatigue (also read additional info below)
  • Most of the food consumables restore hunger, other types such as soups and packed meals (UC Battlemeal) also restore thirst.
  • Drinks (except alcoholic) restore thirst, but in some cases fatigue too, if it is energy drink or coffee.
  • Strong drinks worsen indicators of thirst and fatigue, but in some very rare cases they can also give a boost to fatigue too.
  • The use of drugs also worsens indicators, but unlike alcoholic beverages, drugs reduce all three indicators of NEEDS.
  • Items from each of the above categories are divided into gradations according to their impact on needs.

For example:

  • All kinds of snacks and simple food will give a very low increase in satisfying hunger, and fatty foods, especially with good bonuses, will give the maximum.
  • Simple harmful lemonades give the lowest increase in quenching thirst, milk or water the largest.
  • Weak chems and stimulants worsen your needs minimally, while stronger ones, with frequent use, will squeeze you dry.

Note: The number of points received for a particular NEED can be found in the item description.

Sleep and Wait

  • The more tired you are, the more fatigue points you get after sleep.
  • The more hungry or dehydrated you are while sleeping, the more hunger or thirst points will be depleted. It makes more sense to go to bed while being satieted. After sleep, you will lose MUCH less Hunger And Thirst points.
  • Waiting doesn't have any benefits, waiting hours just deplete your NEEDS.


Yeah, you heard it. Notification NEEDS, like your affliction and etc will pop on your WATCH HUD, to make it easier to track when to open up some BOOM POP! or everybodys favorite CHUNKS!

Note: notifications use some icons from some vanilla afflictions, nothing can do about this at the moment. 
Just be aware that for example Hunger notification will be hiding under cracked leg affliction icon and vice verca. But at the end of the day it is not a big deal.


After sleeping in some bed you will get a little introduction and a book: Starvival - Survival Guide.
The book contains some settings, that you can tweak to your liking. If you are not satisfied with some mechanics, you can completely disable them or change their work simply by using this book.

Note: Introduction to survival needs mechanic will initiate through sleeping process. Just sleep in some bed in thats it. On NG+ it will start right after player appears in the Guardian spaceship.


Eating and drinking consumables cause oversatiation, which subsequently leads to unpleasant temporary penalties.

1~49%: Food And Drinks give full bonuses
50~74%: Next consumed food or drink will have 40% weaker bonuses
75~89%: Next consumed food or drink will have 80% weaker bonuses
90%~: Next consumed food or drink will be without bonuses

  • You can consume food and non-alcoholic drinks safely under 50% of the "Oversatiation", after that every consumed food or drink will have weaker bonuses, to their complete removal.
  • Keep in mind that the more nutritious and useful an item is, the more points it gives towards the Oversatiation, thus faster you will get the penalties.

  • With the first rank of "Nutrition" perk food and non-alchoholic drinks will give 50% less oversatiation points.
  • All bonuses of such consumable items have been significantly increased to make them worthy of your stomach, but some decreased to maitain things balanced. "Nutrition" Perk also got some love and now it is worthwile to get.
  • Being oversatiated doesn't affect your NEEDS except "Nutrition Manager" bonus. By consuming food or drinks you will still restore your NEEDS as usually.

To fully deplete Oversatiation, you need:
  • Play as usual, it will deplete with time. 3 Points every 3 real minutes (Configurable)
  • Sit and wait somewhere
  • Sleep

Note: The goal of the mechanic is to make the player more thoughtfully choose what to eat or drink, and not to spam everything without any consequences.


If you manage to kill 10 targets in a short period of time and while beeing in battle, temporary adrenaline combat bonus will kick in, giving nice boost to your body and reflexes. But you need to keep up with killing your frags, because every 10 seconds count will go down.

After bonus ware offs there is a chance that you will get Adrenaline Aftermath penalty, which can be removed only by sleeping. While being under this penalty Adrenaline Rush can not be accumulated.

Adrenaline Rush:
| +50% melee DMG, +50 carry Weight, +25% walk / run speed, +35% Reload Speed, +20% Crit Hit chance, +45% Jump Height, -25% Incoming DMG |

Adrenaline Aftermath:

| -20% melee damage, -35 carry Weight, -15% walk / run speed, -20% Reload Speed, -10% Crit Hit chance, -20% Jump Height, +15% Incoming DMG |


Additional difficulty modifiers for INCOMING & OUTGOING damage which overlay on top of vanilla difficulty.

  • It is fully independent from vanilla difficulty and doesn't touch spaceships outgoing and incoming damage, no need to worry about tremendously increased difficulty while flying on ya birdy. 
  • Survival Damage works only while you on foot and doesn't touch spaceship combat. 
  • By default it is +250% increased damage for Player and NPC, but you can tweak multipliers separately. Don't affraid of such numbers, just try it in game. If it is too much or still not so Lethal to your taste, you can bump multipliers up/down as much as you want. 


Starvival introduces Intoxication system with several types of new addictions that were not previously in the game.

  • Character will develop slowly Intoxication points after each use of addictive items (Alcohol, Coffee/Teas, Energy drinks, Chems, Stimulants, Medkits). You can consume them as many as you wish without any addiction acquiring, until Intoxication hits 80+ points mark, only then you will start to get addictions, but not instantly, there still will be slim chance to avoid them.

  • Each addictive consumable gives random increase to Intoxication, by default it is ~2-6 (Configurable)
  • With Pain Tolerance perk addictive items will give 50% less Intoxication.

  • Addichrone & Addijack: Got even more love (in vanilla they are pretty useless items).
  • Now they fully block addiction acquiring and intoxication developing no matter what. And Deplete/Heal Intoxication slowly with time. By default they restore 1 point of intoxication every 3 seconds. (Configurable). 

  • Addichrone and Addijack are quite nice and powerful consumables now. Suppression effects now work only 5 minutes by default instead of 20, and have increased cost to maintain balance.

  • Junk Flush also has the ability to restore Intoxication, but works instantly. Also it is not a harmless get rid of all addictions inhaler anymore. Upon usage it will take some time for effects to kick in. After that it will cure you from all addictions and diseases, drain 70% of health and put weakness debuff with +35% Incoming damage for half an hour.

  • This new system gives you more control and flexibility on how to work with addictions.
  • You can consume freely addictionable items but still should be cautious. Intoxication will not restore by itself, you still need to use Addichrone, Junk Flush or use Doctor services.
  • In some instances visiting a doctor or infirmary is better solution now. Addiction and disease removal will only cost you less of your troubles.


  • Alcoholism: likely to occur by drinking strong drinks. The stronger the drink, the greater the likelihood of getting this addiction.
| -100% Critical hits chance, -25% reduced persuasion chance, -30% reload speed |

In Vanilla critical chance has a specific pool, when you inflict damage this pool starts to fill, after getting to specific amount crit damage triggers. So -100% Critical hits chance doesn't mean you will not get any, it justs means you WILL get it, but at much slower rate.

  • Caffeinophagia: likely to occur when consuming carbonated and especially energy drinks, as well as teas and coffee.
| Energy drinks restore significantly less fatigue. You can't rest and sleeping doesn't give you any benefits |

  • Cognitive Dissolution: likely to occur when using mind affecting stimulants such as: S.T.E.V.E, Addijack, Neurojack, Snake Oil, Synapse Alfa, Paramour, Hippolyta, Aurora. The more effective the stimulant, the higher the probability.
| Poor Aim Stability, -35% XP gain |

  • Paranoid Treatment: may occur after using Heart+, Med Pack, Trauma Pack or Emergency Kit.
| Healing effects from med items damage your health. Healing effects from med items are 50% less effective |

  • Heart attack: likely to occur when using very powerful chem concoction such as: Black Hole Heart, Dwarf Star Heart, Supermassive Black Heart and their equivalents, Panacea.
| -40% to Physical, Electromagnetic and Energy Resistance. -30% Health |

Vanilla "Stimulants Addiction" got some changes, such as:
  • Significantly harsher penalty.
| -75 Carry Capacity, -75% O2/Co2 Regen |

All Addictions & Diseases now have subtle visual and audio effects when kick in, for better user notification.

A fuel system for space flights has been implemented along with capabilities that complement its operation.
As soon as you enter your homeship (or if you already there), a few seconds later a tutorial will begin, thanks to which you will learn how this system works. Tutorial can be skipped, although for the first time it is not recommended.


  • He-3 Interstellar Battery - required for interstellar travel
  • He-3 Compressed Fuel - required for normal flights in space, as well as landings and takeoffs.


  • Can be purchased from the spaceships technician
  • Can be found in the spaceships cargo holds, or in spaceships loot
  • Can be pumped out of spaceships tanks and grav drives
  • Can be created at your outposts with the help of fabricators, after researching certain recipes at a research station
  • By calling a special emergency crew "Fuel Of Problems", which, for a certain fee, will deliver the fuel you need to your spaceship.

  • Fuel resources are quite expensive, so try to buy them wisely.
  • You can become a "Fuel Hunter" by boarding other spaceships and pumping precious fuel and taking out grav drive charges. Fuel resources will appear in the spaceships cargo hold.
  • You can establish fuel production by studying the necessary recipes and creating fabricators at your outpost.


  • 1) Place the required fuel items in the cargo hold of your spaceship
  • 2) Open a special tablet from the Starview company. Click on the "Fuel and Battery Manager" button and select what you need.
  • 3) Refueling and recharging spaceship takes some time. Just wait for the process to complete.

  • You can refuel and recharge the spaceship either while sitting in the pilot's seat or outside of it. But you must remain on the spaceship.

FUEL CONSUMING PROCESS: He-3 Compressed Spaceship Fuel

  • During the flight, every 1 minute (can be changed) a certain amount of fuel will be consumed. The amount of fuel consumption depends on the mass of your spaceship, engine thrust, and energy level given to engine system.
  • Boosting consumes fuel faster. If during normal flight fuel consumption happens every 1 minute (by default), then during boosting - every 2 seconds (by default, can be changed)
  • Fuel also consumes during landings, takeoffs and is partially used to make grav jumps.

  • During the flight, turning off the spaceships engine also stops fuel consumption.
  • The higher the energy level given to the engine system, the higher your speed will be, but the more fuel will be consumed.

FUEL CONSUMING PROCESS: He-3 Interstellar Battery

  • Grav jumps consume a certain amount of charges. The number of charges consumption depends on the mass of your spaceship, grav drive thrust power and the energy level given to the grav drive system.

  • The more energy is given to the grav drive system, the more effective will be the boosting.


  • Grav jumps cause damage to spaceships hull and its subsystems.
  • When grav drive is destroyed after grav jump or by an enemy, the spaceship will lose gravity and you will not be able to control the spaceship until the grav drive becomes operational again.

  • The less energy given to the grav drive system, the less damage will be caused to the spaceship after a jump. But preparing the grav drive for a jump will take much longer. And vice versa. The second option is recommended to be used only as a last resort, in order to leave the battlefield as quickly as possible.
  • The more energy given to the grav drive system, the more charge it will take to jump.


  • Starview: Spaceship Analizer - A special tablet from the "Starview" company for overviewing and maitaning spaceships systems. Also has build in radio.
  • Starview: Emergency Call - Device to Call fuel rescue service "Fuel of Problems".
  • Starview: Emergency Beacon - Marks your spaceship location or landing site for the emergency "Fuel Of Problems" vessel.
  • Emergency Repair Bots - Emergency repair bots from "Starview" company. Almost instantly repair spaceship systems.
  • He-3 Interstellar Battery - Interstellar Battery for spaceships Grav Drive. Processed helium-3 with compressed uranium and ionic liquids used for interstellar jumps.
  • He-3 Compressed Fuel - Spaceship fuel. Processed helium-3 used as fuel for spaceships.


  • Fast Travel is fully disabled. All travel manipulations happen only when you are inside spaceship, sitting in the pilot seat while being in space.
  • You can't fast travel to any other location (from planet to planet, from system to system etc.) while being on a planet or moon. At first you need to be in the pilot seat, spaceship must be ready for flight and then you need to take off to open space.
  • Don't bother with fuel calculation on the Starmap, at least for now.
  • Red Mile spaceship technician can't be used as a vendor, because Bethesda made for him different type of dialogue. So instead i made Refueling Station near landing pad.

I made this system from scratch with my vision how everything should work, maybe sneak peaked a little here and there hehe, but nothing more.

  • There is also other mod Ships Need Gas and other immersive ship systems which has similar features, furthermore author of that mod is pioneer in this regard. So if your prefer his approach more, then don't forget to punch endorse button on his page, put ImmersiveShipSystems.esm below Starvival esms and disable Starvivals Spaceship Fuel System through configuration book to make both mods fully compatible.


Each ammo type has its own weight now. Manage your ammunition thoroughly.
  • Can be toggled On/Off.
  • Works on companions/crew members too.
  • With "Rapid Reloading" perk Rank 4 all ammo weigh 50% less.

Note 1: Due to technical reasons this doesn't apply to storage containers/boxes and etc. Ammo still will be weightless for them.
Note 2: Due to technical reasons you still can give infinite ammo to companions exceeding their max carry capacity, but ammo weights will still be count.


Brings some tactical ammunition management. So what is this means?

Upon activating this feature player will have limited ammo, grenades and mines capacity in inventory. Max supply depends on caliber/category.

Ammunition Restrictor comes with two modes and bunch of tweakeable options through the configuration book.

  • Basic - excess ammunition will be stored in portable ammunition case automaticaly. Ammunition Case is an AID type item/container, which you can open whenever you want and store there ammo, grenades and mines. Just use as any AID item, no need to drop it.

  • Realistic - excess ammunition will be delivered to your spaceship storage. With this mode you need more thoroughly prepare for your missions. Ammunition case will not be available. If you run out of ammo and your spaceship is far away, well..adapt to situation.

Note: Portable Ammunition Case doesn't have infinite space either. Its capacity is limited for each ammunition category. Playing with activated AMMO WEIGHTS, stored into case ammunition will not chew your characters carry capacity, this is intended.
Note2: If the Ammunition Case becomes full, then all excess ammunition will be delivered to the players spaceship storage.
Note3: Depends of your playstyle and other difficulty mods, it may require to tweak ammunition limits further. Configuration book is your best friend.

Ammunition has been separated into these categories with mods default values >>>




  • Basic: .27, .45ACP, 1.5 KV LZR Cartridge, Light Particle Fuse
  • -----Capacity--->>> 80

  • Magnum Type: .43 Ultramag, 7.5mm Whitehot
  • -----Capacity--->>> 60

  • High Power: .43 MI Array
  • -----Capacity--->>> 45


  • Assault: 6.5mm CT, 7.77 Caseless, 11mm Caseless, 7.62x39mm, 3KV LZR Cartridge, Heavy Particle Fuse
  • -----Capacity--->>> 200

  • Sniper: .50 Caseless, 9x39mm
  • -----Capacity--->>> 30

  • Heavy: .50 MI Array, 12.5mm ST Rivet
  • -----Capacity--->>> 300


  • Basic: Caseless Shell, 12G
  • -----Capacity--->>> 45

  • High Power: 15x25 CLL Shell, 6.5mm MI Array
  • -----Capacity--->>> 30


  • Basic: 40mm XPL
  • -----Capacity--->>> 25


  • Grenades: All Grenades
  • -----Capacity--->>> 5

  • Mines: All Mines
  • -----Capacity--->>> 5



  • Basic: .27, .45ACP, 1.5 KV LZR Cartridge, Light Particle Fuse
  • -----Capacity--->>> 160

  • Magnum Type: .43 Ultramag, 7.5mm Whitehot
  • -----Capacity--->>> 120

  • High Power: .43 MI Array
  • -----Capacity--->>> 90


  • Assault: 6.5mm CT, 7.77 Caseless, 11mm Caseless, 7.62x39mm, 3KV LZR Cartridge, Heavy Particle Fuse
  • -----Capacity--->>> 400

  • Sniper: .50 Caseless, 9x39mm
  • -----Capacity--->>> 60

  • Heavy: .50 MI Array, 12.5mm ST Rivet
  • -----Capacity--->>> 600


  • Basic: Caseless Shell, 12G
  • -----Capacity--->>> 90

  • High Power: 15x25 CLL Shell, 6.5mm MI Array
  • -----Capacity--->>> 60


  • Basic: 40mm XPL
  • -----Capacity--->>> 50


  • Grenades: All Grenades
  • -----Capacity--->>> 10

  • Mines: All Mines
  • -----Capacity--->>> 10


If you exceed carry limit, you will no longer be able to run or sprint and also periodic damage will be applied.
  • Can be toggled On/Off.


Afflictions far more dangerous now with harsher penalties and more maddening detrimental effects. Also activated a couple more ways to get them such as:

  • Chance to get affliction while being hit with automatic and non automatic weapons.
  • Chance to get affliction while taking damage from creatures.
  • Infections can now be spread.
  • Effects/Items that cure afflictions now need some time for effects to kick in. 


Food and drinking consumables have received improved bonuses and some important changes such as:

  • Food no longer restores oxygen and CO2.
  • Drinking no longer restores the player's health.
  • Various foods now have a slow but long-lasting health restoration effect, but they can no longer be stacked as before. When consuming two different food consumables with a given effect, the strongest effect will always be chosen.
  • The same effects between food and drinking consumables, such as carry weight, bonus to EXP, damage resistance and others now can be combined with each other, and not replaced as before. In this case, the strongest effect will always be selected.

Note1: All changes were made to ensure that useful consumables were always in use and complemented the player’s/each other’s choices, and did not lie around in the inventory or were not used for the sake of one or another consumable.
Note2: Food healings effects can be toggled off through Starvival - Survival Guide, for better survival experience.


Separate additional modules come together with Starvival. I Highly recommended to use them all together, though it is not necessary.

Economics: introduces Global Buy/Sell modifiers adjuster, Spaceship Parts Buy/Sell modifier adjuster. Ability to change the costs of buying Real Estate, Enhance surgery, Doctors and Ship services.

Scarcity: with this addition, the amount of ammunition, medicine, chems, food and drinks in the game world will be significantly reduced. This applies to both containers and objects lying in the world.

Tin Cans: lightweight module that makes robots and turrets withstand more damage before falling to the ground. Vanilla tin cans too squishy and don't give any threat, with this module they will have a chance to try at least.

Spaceship Arsenal: Ammo usage for spaceship weapons. Ammunition can be bought from tech vendors, looted from spaceships.
Compatibility: Ship Weapons Use Ammo is not compatible with Spaceship Arsenal Module.

  • Even though I made it from scratch, in essence my approach is the same as in the mod above, with the difference that I did it for all ship weapons, added appropriate display of models for all ammo in the trade window. Balanced Ammo counts and prices.
  • When modifying your ship, free ammunition from the installed weapon will not appear.

  • Med Packs, Trauma Packs and Emergency Kits now can be crafted.
  • Med Packs now restore 7% Health/s for 8 seconds, Trauma Packs restore 5% Health/s for 15 seconds, Emergency Kit 27% Health/s for 2 seconds. Thus making Med Packs middle ground. Trauma Packs are the slowest but give the most healing. Emergency Kits for faster healing bursts in hot battles, but give less in HP overall than the other packs.
  • Well Rested and Emotional Security extended to 1 hour.
  • Stimulants and chems now have increased duration.


Less complex but still very high quality survival additions,
If Starvival is too much, the this two may be your cup of tea! 

Simple Needs - A Minimal Survival MOD


Big thanks to Brehanin for helping me with the NEEDS depletion code for sleeping.

Big thanks to Tondabayashi for some hints in his source code for message system.
Big thanks to ghostfc3s for some hints in his "Fuel System" source code and use of source as a reference/starting point with implementing some things.