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Introduces mechanics that require a player to eat, sleep, and drink or face adverse effects.

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This mod introduces the need to eat, sleep, and drink on a regular basis (1 real world hour). If you do not, then you will have various debuffs applied.

Starvation: You need to eat food otherwise you will slowly lose health (note: the rate here will be increased soon)

Dehydration: You need to drink otherwise you will have reduced carrying capacity (this scales based on your player's carrying capacity)

Sleep Deprivation: You need to sleep otherwise you will have a -80% XP gain penalty, the opposite of the emotional security bonus

Don't want one of the above? Easy, just don't copy the pex script file into  your Scripts directory. Just copy the ones you want.


More Details & Goals

This is a rework of my Survivability mod. The goal for which is to pull out just the starvation spell and add to it one for dehydration and one for sleep deprivation. Food adjustments will also remain in this mod as well. There will be more adjustments, features, and quests in the future under this mod.

What hasn't been kept from the Survivability mod is all of the tweaks to equipment/weapon weights, environmental affliction chance and damage bonuses, reduced armor effectiveness, etc. Based on feedback, all of those adjustments will be kept in separate mods to give people flexibility. I will also likely not be looking to balance environmental damage any time soon either. There's already a nice mod called Deadly Hazards and this author has some more things planned that seemed to cover increasing the PvE difficulty of the game. This will allow focus to be kept on eating, drinking, sleeping and everything I want to introduce around those mechanics.

I'm still looking to rebalance other areas of the game in the future provided there aren't other mods that help do that. I may end up making an "all in one" at some point for convenience, but in the meantime, it seems being a bit more modular is the way to go.