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Use a remote control device to order your ship to take off, land, and set gravity.

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With the mod installed, you can take out your remote control and summon your ship to your location, whenever you are on the planet you're exploring (provided there's a decent amount of flat ground or a landing pad nearby). Just poke a button and look up: you'll see your ship come cruising in for a landing right at your feet. That's better than calling an Uber.

Maybe the best part of the mod is being able to turn off gravity while you're inside your ship. Now when you're offworld you can float around in zero-G, which certainly feels more realistic than your ship somehow generating its own gravity field. I just hope you don't mind the mess of every single object in your ship (crew and companions included) hovering around and then clattering to the ground when you land or turn the gravity back on.

  • A remote control is added to your inventory with the following functions:
    • Take off - order ship to take off when it is landed.
      • You can be inside or outside the ship.
      • You can watch the ship take off from inside the cockpit.
    • Land - order the ship to land near you when it is in space.
      • If you're within 200m of a (medium or large) landing pad or landing area, the ship will land there.
      • Otherwise, the ship will check your position to see if there is a 60m x 60m relatively flat and level area for it to land on. Tolerance for flatness is 2 meters.
      • An activity quest will tell you exactly where the ship will land.
      • Beeg ships will probably clip.
    • Set gravity - set ship's interior gravity (for what purpose? Who knows):
      • 0.0g
      • 0.1g
      • 0.5g
      • 1.0g
    • The remote control counts as a weapon, so you can:
      • Set it as a favorite item.
      • Give it a hotkey.
  • ESM built with xEdit.

  • Install Plugins.txt Enabler. Make sure you enable plugin loading for Starfield in whatever mod manager you're using.
  • Install with mod manager such as MO2 or Vortex., or dump everything into data.
  • Install/Update whenever. It doesn't matter. Uninstall whenever except when the ship is landed on random terrain.

Q: Does this do xyz?
A: Just read the mod description. It tells you what is included in the mod.

Q: What about other functions like opening cargo or setting the crew?
A: You can already access those remotely via the ship UI.

Q: How do I install this manually?
A: See mod description or research on internet.

Q: Are mod managers a conspiracy by the world government to implant microchips into our water supply in order to turn frogs into Bill Gates?
A: Yes.

Q: I hate Bethesda, Nexusmods, Vortex etc etc.
A: Alright, but complain somewhere else.