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Changes Chem, Aid, Drink, and Food items to be more useful and more interesting...including Hunger, Alcoholism and more!

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Food & Drinks

  • Hunger has been added as sort of an un-curable Addiction. Like with health, better foods will sustain you for longer without getting Hungry. This mechanic is now optional as of 1.1.2 (see optional files).
  • Alcoholic drinks now come with a small addiction chance for Alcoholism. Alcoholism gives you the Shakes, resulting in poor Aim Stability while aiming down sight with a weapon...also Anxiety (reduced persuasion chance). Alcoholism can be suppressed or cured the same ways Stimulant Addiction can (Addichrone, doctor visit, just drink more, etc). Hard liquors are more likely to trigger alcoholism than beer & wine.
  • Food & drinks that heal, heal more, but slowly. Like with hunger, prepared/crafted meals are much better than raw ingredients or cheap snacks.
  • Food & drinks with temporary effects last longer.
  • Carry Weight bonuses from Food & Drinks are better.
  • Food & drinks are cheaper, to balance gameplay a bit.
  • Caffeinated drinks increase movement & reload speed (varies by coffee, cola, and tea)


  • Chems with temporary effects last longer.
  • Stimulant addiction is now less likely, but more severe. Withdrawal effects have changed to reduced reload speed and crit chance.
  • More Chems now have a risk of stimulant addiction, including Amp, RedAmp, BattleStim, CQBX, RedTrench, and others.
  • Slow time effects from Aurora and others last longer. Blend also wasn't addictive for some reason, but is now.


  • Painkiller addiction has been added for Heart+ and Boudicca. Withdrawal symptoms are reduced damage resistance and reduced total health.
  • Aid items with temporary effects last longer.
  • Med Packs, Trauma Packs, and Emergency Kits work faster.

Lastly, all consumable items are a bit heavier. All other vanilla effects are left as-is, with the longer durations.

  • A few food/drink items couldn't be overwritten due to reflection data. These just have their vanilla effects for now: Sparkling Water, Baguette, Synthameat Multi, FullFood Spiced Worms, Bitten Sandwich
  • Health percentage healed per second in the inventory menu will only display as an integer, so food & drink that heal slowly say "0% Health/s", but it's actually a decimal. Added an explanation to each item description to make up for this.
  • Using a Cure Addiction item or having a doctor cure another addiction will cause Hunger to disappear for a couple minutes if you haven't eaten anything and the status effect is active. Don't worry, it should come back after a couple minutes.

Use Vortex or MO2, or drop the plugin into [Game Path]/Data. Plugins.txt Enabler required; the sTestFile INI method is not recommended anymore. Untested with the Game Pass version of the game.

Courtesy Disclaimer: The Creation Kit for Starfield will not be out for a while, so ESM plugins are not officially supported yet, and we are relying on experimental community tools to build these mods. As such, back up your save files before trying this or any other mod.

Deadly Hazards is fully compatible according to their documentation.

An alternate plugin version is available for IconSortingTags users. There are not tags yet for the few items that have new added effects (coffees and teas), but all vanilla IST's should be there.

Use one of the No Hunger versions under Optional Files for compatibility with Simple Needs or Eat.Sleep.Drink. for example.

Not compatible with Starvival.

Any other plugins that modify the above items will likely conflict. CCR mods that affect these items will probably compound/multiply the effects of this mod, depending on the commands being run.