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Add a small icon in front of lootable items in the world and inventory,, so it's easier to see what is what It also help for inventory management.

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  • Russian
  • Mandarin
IconSortingTags Starfield edition  is a sorting modification that uses icons. It works by adding new glyphs to the default game fonts

Languages supported are the default game ones : en, de, es, fr, it, pl, ptbr, ja, zhhans


if you don't already have a StarfieldCustom.ini, file
-download it under the misc tab and place it in your Documents\My Games\Starfield\ folder
-create it manually with a notepad and add this content in it:


If you fail to do that, you will see dots instead of icons, in game.


Method 1
Use a mod manager (Vortex or MO2), and choose your options in the manager installer


Method 2
-Install the files manually 

Put the strings and interface folder like it's shown below in the Steam\steamapps\common\Starfield\data folder: (standard installation and its the default path with ModManager)


├─ data/
│  ├─ interface/
│  │  ├─ iconfont_en.gfx
│  │  ├─ fontconfig_en.txt
│  │  ├─ ...
│  ├─ strings/
│  │  ├─ Starfield_en.STRINGS
│  │  ├─ ...

Or (not both) in the Document\My Games\Starfield\data folder (Create the \data\ folder if it's not here yet)

├─My Games/
│  ├─Starfield/ 
│  │  ├─ starfieldcustom.ini
│  │  ├─ data/
│  │  │  ├─ interface/
│  │  │  │  ├─ iconfonts_en.gfx
│  │  │  │  ├─ ...
│  │  │  ├─ strings/
│  │  │  │  ├─ Starfield_en.STRINGS
│  │  │  │  ├─ ...


With the rise of esm mods, you can quickly and easily make patch for yourself with xTranslator, and the headerrules wizard.
more info here


-StarUI Inventory/Hud/Workbench: This mod works perfectly with the StarUI serie.Also, it's not a requirement but you might want to disable the native StarUI icons, if you want to avoid too much clutter with IconSortingTags in your UI. You can do with with the StarUI configurator or do this manually:.


-For StarUI Inventory: edit the StarUI Inventory.ini file in the Starfield\Data\interface folder, and set the following parameters to 0:

bShowItemTagIcon = 0

-For StarUI Hud the StarUI HUD.ini file in the Starfield\Data\interface folder, and set the following parameters to 0:

bHudTagShowItemTags = 0
bItemCardAddItemTag = 0
bShowItemTags = 0

-For StarUI Workbench, edit the StarUI Workbench.ini file in the Starfield\Data\interface folder, and set the following parameters to 0:

bShowItemTagIcon = 0
bUseVanillaItemIcons = 0

Better Fonts for Simplified Chinese: A patch for this mod is available in the Fomod version.


known Issues
-Some quest rewards and fixed objects in the world (mainly weapons) will retain the name they had when you found them. If you found such an item before installing the mod, the name will not have an icon, and vice versa. To remove icon, from a weapon you can edit its name in a workbench. However, you can't add icon, the UI does not allow that.

-Beware: If you edit the name of a weapon/armor in a workbench, and delete the icon in the process, you can't get the icon back (unless you reload your save).

-Remove the fonts and string files.
-If you renamed some weapon or armor with icon, or if you got some quest rewards and fixed objects (mostly weapon and sometimes armor), you might want to rename them in order to get rid of the dot from the missing icon. 

History: see the changeLog on top of the page


JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler
Font studio

98% of the icons are from my own handcrafted design
The other ones are  from
-Original game files
-Noto Emoji
-various free font @ Dafont
-Some undocumented free icons ressources over the internet