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Plays the Landing Animation every time you land on a planet location, not only the first time.

Permissions and credits
Always Land On Planets - Landing Animation
Plays the Landing Animation every time you land on a planet location, not only the first time.

  • Play the landing animation every time you select "Land" on a planet marker
  • You can fast travel, even on the same marker, after you've landed on the planet
  • Actual first landing sequence is unaffected

You can land at:
  • Any of the major cities main markers
  • Any generic planet marker
  • Custom placed player's outposts landing pads
  • Anywhere you saw the landing animation the first time

 1. Enable loose files modding by editing (or creating) the file StarfieldCustom.ini located in My Games\Starfield
 2. Add the following


3. Extract the zip content files in your Starfield main game folder (or use Vortex)
    The folder structure should look like this:

│─ Data
│  │─ scripts
│  │  ├─ ALOP.pex
│  │  ├─ debugplayersummonshipscript.pex
│  │  ├─ sq_playershipscript.pex
│─ ALOP.txt

Done !

  • Baka Disable My Games Folder is needed. If you don't want to use it, try to copy the Data folder inside MyGames\Starfield folder.
  • If you want to toggle the mod on/off, you require the console. So if you want achievements to stay active, you also need Baka Achievement Enabler

Known Issues
  • You can see the player teleporting for an instant and hear companions talking before the landing animation starts
  • The mod can cause some side effects on quests that have the starting point far from the actual landing marker. If some NPC realizes that it should be somewhere else, it will start to run towards the location and may aggro enemies, ruining your cover and immersion. In this case you can easily load a save before the landing, disable the mod (see "Extra" section) and then land. You can re-enable the mod just right after.

It should be safe to use this mod since it uses built-in functions to achieve the result, but make a backup save anyways.
Please report any bug you may encounter by using this mod, possibly with clear repro steps.

Demo (v.1.1.0)

If for some reason you want to toggle the mod On/Off, type "bat ALOP"

- compatible with More Immersive Landings And Takeoffs, which I highly suggest to combine with.
- compatible with my other mod Call Your Ship
- conflicts with Vanilla Scripts Optimized, that actually conflicts with ANY script mod that edit vanilla scripts. So make sure ALOP takes priority over that.

If you like this mod, consider voting and endorsing it!

Additional credits
Orvid for the amazing tools he provided.