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  • What's included.

    So fomod support is coming  next update, hopefully today or tomorrow, it's basically a full overhaul to maximize customizability within a single download!
    I'm also working on patches for a few popular mods, it's just a bit of effort considering the overhaul but I'll try my best

    For now here is an exhaustive list of every line in the game that gets changed with this mod.
    Your attack has no effect.
    A %s skill of %d is required to hack this terminal.
    You cannot board an enemy ship if there are other enemies engaging you in combat.
    The door is currently unlocked.
    This door leads nowhere.
    You can't place an outpost here.
    You do not have components to repair %s:
    Leaving Outpost mode.
    Outside buildable area. Outpost auto ...

  • Now with NMM Support

    I'm at work rn but I was enlightened to the fact that I zipped the mod poorly, so here's a quick fix for NMM users. otherwise no changes.

    0.4.1 is the version with the proper file structure.
    0.5 will release later with .fomod support and a few persona options....