So fomod support is coming  next update, hopefully today or tomorrow, it's basically a full overhaul to maximize customizability within a single download!
I'm also working on patches for a few popular mods, it's just a bit of effort considering the overhaul but I'll try my best!

For now here is an exhaustive list of every line in the game that gets changed with this mod.
Your attack has no effect.
A %s skill of %d is required to hack this terminal.
You cannot board an enemy ship if there are other enemies engaging you in combat.
The door is currently unlocked.
This door leads nowhere.
You can't place an outpost here.
You do not have components to repair %s:
Leaving Outpost mode.
Outside buildable area. Outpost auto exit in %.0fs.
You lack the requirements to create this item.
Cannot place outpost: max number of outposts reached.
Cannot place outpost: area is restricted.
Cannot build item: Missing resources.
Cannot place item: Must be placed on a resource vein.
You have no weapons to modify.
You have no spacesuit to modify.
%s is too powerful for %s.
You have been poisoned.
You have contracted
Cannot place outpost: extreme planet environment requires higher rank of Planetary Habitation.
This individual is busy.
You cannot go that way.
You cannot fast travel while jumping or falling.
You cannot fast travel while guards are pursuing you.
You have not discovered this location yet.
You can't fast travel while taking health damage.
You're carrying too much and can't fast travel!
You must have a weapon drawn.
This lock is too difficult.
You've been caught tampering with a lock.
You're currently trespassing. Residents will become hostile if you stay.
You've been caught stealing and the alarm has been raised.
The owner caught you stealing.
bounty removed from
Last witness killed.
bounty added to
Cannot place item: Skill requirements not met.
You cannot use this while in combat.
You cannot fast travel from this location.
You cannot fast travel when enemies are nearby.
You cannot fast travel during combat!
You cannot fast travel at this time.
You shouldn't eat that.
You can not eat quest items.
 has already caught you.
You have become addicted to %s.
%s has worn off.
Critical Strike on
Cannot place item: The outpost's budget has been exceeded.
You used up a digipick.
Play Tape
You are out of digipicks
Unlocked with %s.
This lock cannot be picked. It requires a key to open.
Running while encumbered will quickly drain your oxygen!
You cannot store that here.
This computer has locked you out.
You cannot equip this item right now.
You cannot unequip this item.
Mods can only be attached at a workbench.
Broken items cannot be equipped until they have been repaired.
You cannot equip this item.
Sneak attack for
You cannot sleep while being asked to leave.
You cannot sleep while trespassing.
You cannot sleep at this time.
You cannot wait while guards are pursuing you.
Cannot equip weapon, your arm is damaged.
%s needed for terminal.
Requires a higher level Hacker perk.
This is opened with a computer.
This cannot be opened.
You have unlocked the container.
You have unlocked the door.
This is unlocked elsewhere.
Location discovered.
You cannot sleep when enemies are nearby.
Only %s can unlock.
Quest Items cannot be removed from your Inventory.
You already know
Your hands are bound.
Do you want to serve your time in jail?
You cannot sleep in an owned bed.
You cannot sleep while guards are pursuing you.
You cannot sleep while taking radiation damage.
You cannot sleep while taking health damage.
You cannot sleep in this location.
You cannot wait while taking radiation damage.
You cannot wait while taking health damage.
You cannot wait in this location.
You cannot wait in the air.
You cannot wait while being asked to leave.
You cannot wait while trespassing.
You cannot wait at this time.
You cannot sleep in the air.
Are you sure you want to take all?
 can't carry any more.
You've been caught pickpocketing.
Take All
The item is too heavy to carry.
%s Added
You have been disarmed!
was equipped.
Time is already slowed.
You're already holding something.
No direct path seen.
No active quest.
You cannot wait when enemies are nearby.
This object is already in use by someone else.
You cannot use this at this time.

That's a whopping 126 lines per persona file I'm working on. You might notice some of the interactable and menu items on this list. Some characterizations really don't suit the default words so I figured I'd change those too. To be thorough, but not to anything that doesn't make sense.

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