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About this mod

Less distracting, more immersive, and simply a better HUD. Sneak peek of fully customizable version available in optional files and features added over time.

Permissions and credits

Be sure to make the necessary ini changes as detailed in install instructions below!

Big thank you to Gopher for the kind words and for the excellent video outlining the installation process clearly!

Sneak peek 0.2.2 of the revision is now available!
Experimental patch so that BetterHUD works together with StarUI HUD is now also available.

This mod is undergoing a major revision which is currently available in a sneak peek version.

Featuring user configurable, immersive, and dynamic HUD that hides when not needed.

Scale, position and hide elements of your choice!

Other new features include fullscreen scanner and scanner customization.

Basic version of the mod are still available as per normal in the files section.

Once matured, the major revision will take the place as the main file of this mod.

For more information, check out the top stickied comment in the posts section.
If you have missed the past sneak peek releases and their contents, their respective stickied posts are still available here and here.

Original Features

Smaller and moved Location Text and XP Indicator.

Disable Enemy Health Bars and Hit Marker.

A Dot Crosshair that is Non-Dynamic and lacks the bars for weapons.

There are numerous alternatives and options as outlined below.

Both Location Text and XP Indicator have been moved down quite a bit on the HUD in order to not obscure the gameplay.

Alternatively you can choose to use either of the following by instead installing one of the optional downloads:
  • Hide the XP indicator completely and still keep the changes that this mod makes to the location text.
  • Only change XP indicator.

Numerous other optional files exist at this time. Once the options start to settle a bit, I intend to make an installer that will make for a much better user experience.

Dot Crosshair Optionals expanded upon:

  • BetterHUD - Only Dot Crosshairs is only dot crosshair.
  • BetterHUD - Dot Crosshairs - Enemy Health Hit Mark is dot crosshair along with disabling enemy health bar and hit marker.
  • BetterHUD Dot Crosshairs and Disable Enemy Health is dot crosshair along with only disabling enemy health bar.
  • BetterHUD - Dot Crosshairs and Disable Hit Marker is dot crosshair along with only disabling hit marker.

Feel free to come with suggestions or ideas of what you'd like to see.


BetterHUD can currently be incompatible with other mods in two mutually exclusive ways:

  • Mods that makes changes to HUD elements in the file hudmessagesmenu.gfx, relating to Location Text, XP Indicator and Quest/Objectives.
  • Mods that makes changes to HUD elements in the file hudmenu.gfx, relating to Crosshair, Enemy Health Bar, Hit Marker, Stealth Meter, Jetpack Meter, Tutorial Tips.

Some other mods already exist that deal with these same files and unless there is a patch they will be incompatible together.

I am currently looking into options and alternatives into dealing with these and future incompatibilities as smoothly to the user as possible.

Current Known Incompatibilities

Please report any incompatibilities in comments or as a bug report!


Enable Modding

  1. Enable modding by creating an ini file in My Games\Starfield called StarfieldCustom.ini
  2. Add precisely the following to StarfieldCustom.ini:


Install with Vortex

  1. Make sure to install and enable Starfield Extension in Vortex and setup properly.
  2. Choose release to download, install, enable and deploy as per normal Vortex procedure.

Manual Install (Steam)

  1. Extract the mod files into your Starfield Data directory (located in Steam\steamapps\common\Starfield). An Interface folder will be created inside the Data directory upon extraction.
  2. The final file structure should look like this:

├─ Data/
│  ├─ Interface/
│  │  ├─ hudmessagesmenu.gfx
│  │  ├─ hudmessagesmenu_lrg.gfx
│  │  ├─ etc.

Manual Install (Xbox Windows)

  1. Extract the mod files into your Starfield Data directory within My Games (located in Documents\My Games\Starfield). An Interface folder will be created inside the Data directory upon extraction.
  2. The final file structure should look like this:

├─ Data\
│  ├─ Interface/
│  │  ├─ hudmessagesmenu.gfx
│  │  ├─ hudmessagesmenu_lrg.gfx
│  │  ├─ etc.

Enjoy and please report any bugs.


  1. Simply remove the files from the Starfield/Data/Interface directory and undo the ini changes.


This section will contain common issues you may encounter and some suggestions on how they may be fixed.

Please share any problem and steps you took to fix it in the comments section. Thanks!

Mod(s) not working

If you can not get this mod, or any other that requires StarfieldCustom.ini, the problem may lie with the ini file itself. One common issue is hidden, invisible characters in the file.

This can be fixed by either from here instead, downloading Base StarfieldCustom.ini to Enable Loose File Mods, or creating the file with a reliable editor such as Notepad++ and enter the values yourself.

A big thank you to LastingTalent and fadingsignal for originally shedding a light on this!


  - 0.3.12023/09/02 - Only applicable for optional files touching crosshairs. Now includes shotgun.
  - 0.32023/09/01 - Fixed issue with file structure of the 7-Zip releases which would cause issues when installing via Vortex.
  - 0.22023/09/01 - Altered location of XP indicator slightly as to avoid intersecting with subtitles.
  - 0.1, 2023/09/01 - Initial release.

Tools Used

JPEXS Free Flash Decompiler v.10.0.0


You can do whatever you want with this mod, no permissions needed, all I ask in return is that you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod. It's not a requirement however. Sharing is caring! ~KhaoMaat

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