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  • ThiagoAzedoModPack

    ThiagoAzedoModPack aqui tenho o conjunto de os mods que eu gosto no stardew valley...

  • Too Far - Xohlomex mod

    Feel like if I keep continuing the narrative in this mod, it'll end up in some very weird and disturbing places.

    - Beenie Pig...

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    DCBurger's High Res Portrait Mod
    Krobus Sprite(old version)
    Marriage Candidates Sprites 

  • Related Mods

    DCBurger's Portrait mod (CP)
    Krobus Sprite(old version)
    Marriage Candidates Sprites 

  • Emily and the Wolf future updates

    Hope you're enjoying the Emily and the Wolf mod updates! The NSFW scenes are currently being written - with some tweaks to the current portraits and sprites.

    There'll be dialogue changes at some-point too (I'm hopeless at writing dialogue (sorry!)).

    Ah - in Emily and the Wolf version 3, I didn't mention in the description that Emily changes into a werewolf on days when she doesn't work at the pub (Summer, Fall and Winter). This is primarily for concept purposes - I think the code is causing a FPS issues, in the next update it should be fixed....

  • Xohlomex Mod Update 5.7

    A new update for this mod is in the works. I keep having further ideas for this mod - it's annoying for it subtracts from the new content I want to work on.

    Anyway, version 5.7 will feature a new update for Abigail's final transformation... and it'll be a strange one - but I hope you guys will like it....

  • Emily and the Wolf Update 3 Live

    New version now available here @:

    Emily and the Wolf

    Requires SMAPI and Content Patcher

    Thank you for all your support!

    - Beenie Pig...

  • Animal Crossing Dog Villager Pet Replacer

    Reskins the dog2 file to be either Bea, Bisket, Bones, Cherry, Cookie, Daisy, Goldie, Lucky, Mac, Shep, or Walker from Animal Crossing. ...

  • Creating Custom Chest Types

    The easiest way to create your own chest types is to download the example content pack from the files section of this mod and edit it as you like.

    First, you need to change the metadata in the manifest.json file to suit your content pack.

    Next, change the entries in content.json to fit your custom types.

    Finally, you'll need to add image files to the mod for each of your custom chest type.

    Here is a brief explanation of the entry data in content.json:

    chestTypes - the array of chest type objects
    name: the chest's display name
    capacity: how many items it can hold
    texturePath: the path within your content pack to the chest's texture. If you are using opening animations, use {frame} where the frame number w...

  • Advanced Loot Framework API

    Add a IAdvancedLootFrameworkApi interface to your project:

        public interface IAdvancedLootFrameworkApi
            List<object> LoadPossibleTreasures(List<string> itemTypeList, int minItemValue, int maxItemValue);
            List<Item> GetChestItems(List<object> treasures, int maxItems, int minItemValue, int maxItemValue, int mult, float increaseRate, int baseValue);
            int GetChestCoins(int mult, float increaseRate, int baseMin, int baseMax);
            Chest MakeChest(List<Item> chestItems, int coins, Vector2 chestSpot);
            Chest MakeChest(List<object> treasures, int maxItems, i...

  • Emily and the Wolf Update Version 3

    Good news! I have finally finished all the sprites and portraits for this mod - they'll probably be tweaked when version 3 goes live, but I'm happy with them for the time being. (Any problems with artwork and things in the next update, please drop us a message, I am very good at missing things.)

    Update 3 will feature two new events and all the stages of Emily's transformation. The NSFW events for this mod will be added in Update 4. I took a bit of inspiration from Laurance Walsh's work to write these scenes. The chaps from Xtardew Valley were enormously helpful for inspiration too. A big thanks to them.

    Ah, it's important to add; update 3 will be available on my patreon page first then on here soon afterwards.

    Thanks again for all your support. Have a gr...

  • (CS) Taller and Cuter Sebastian Sprite

    Taller & Cuter Sebastian


    This mod changes;

                ♥The height of Sebastian, making him as tall as Sam. 

                  ♥ Sebastians Sprite Appearance.                                      

    ♥ Beach sprite has also been updated now.      

  • Event Log Of My Mod

    Beneficial / non beneficial mods used:

    Stardew Valley Expanded (More places to collect and useful secrets). And immersive farm 2

    Ace's Expanded Houses

    Fishing Made Easy Suite (15%)

    Climates Of Ferngill (Death option to crops activated, random probability that some crop will die) ("DeadCropPercentage": 0.01, "CropResistance": 0.8)

    Custom Quest Expiration

    Dynamic Night Time (darkness level: 4, almost impossible to see at night without a light source)

    Grass Growth Adjuster (x3)

    Help Wanted Quest Fixes

    More Barn And Coop Animals

    Look Up Anything, Better Ranching, Auto Animal Doors, NPC Map Locations, Multiple Spouses, Range Display, Skull Cavern Elevator, Tilled Soil Decay...

  • Roadmap

    Roadmap for 0.13:

    * Full refactor of caching and resampling subsystems
    * CP-A support...

  • v1.5 Update

    Stardew Valley updated, and I decided to come update this proper.  

    This version of the mod requires SMAPI and Content Patcher.  Unzip the mod into your mods folder and it should be good.

    To change what color of velociraptor appears, you can probably use the content patcher or something.  Or, if you don't know how to do that(like me), then you can edit the config file.

    "Colour": "brown"

    See this?  Change brown for a listed color and save and it should work.

    Current Colors:

    Want to request a color?  Leave a comment and I might get to it

    Want to contribute a color?  Leave a comment with a link to the pic or something and I can add it...

  • Adding a Mod as a Soft Dependency (in case of missing graphical changes)

    To begin you will first need to identify which mod is causing the conflict. This is usually fairly easy.

    Typically the conflicting mod will be a Content Patcher mod, so look for the prefix "" before the name of the mod.
    Next check (assuming the mod is organized in a standard way) check the assets folder to see if the mod has files that modify "bathouse_tile.png" or "cursors.png"
    If it doesn't have either file, check the next "" prefixed mod. If it does have either of those files, continue to step 4.
    Once you have found either file previously mentioned the next step is to find the "manifest.json" file. This is usually in the main folder the mod.
    Open the "manifest.json" file with a text editor and look for a field labelled "UniqueID" and copy what ...

  • Arhen's Beige Wood Tone Interior

    beige wood tone interior mod
    this mod not include furniture!
    only apply walls and floors, kitchen, crib...

  • Emily and the Wolf (FMG) 3 Update

    The next update will continue Emily's story with another transformation to make her look more wolfish (I've been immensely indescive when selecting her new appearance). The original plan for this mod was to make her look like a standard werewolf but I'm not going to lie... it's gone down a very weird route....

  • IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Regarding NPC Adventures with SDV 1.5

    SO IMPORTANT UPDATE!!! The Stardew Valley 1.5 update had some mod-breaking changes.

    Here is a message from the creator of NPC Adventures, PurrplingCat (12/31/2020):

    "The last day of NPC Adventures and Quest Framework. 
    Tomorrow NA disappears from Nexusmods and QF will be marked as deprecated and not recommended for make new quest mods based on.
    Thank you all for your best work. You did really good things on NPC Adventures and on Quest Framework, but every fun one day must end. 
    And the day is today. My mods died due to breaking changes in SDV 1.5 and it's too much changes I am not able to fix it. 
    Sorry. It's time to say STOP and leave."

    NPC Adventures is currently discontinued as of January 2021. I will still provide Lucikiel'...

  • Tale of the Xohlomex NSFW Update 5.5

    Beenie Pig's Patreon Page

    The 5.5 version of this mod is available on my brand new Patreon page! 
    A friend recommended that I create one and it has been much easier to use. 

    I'll be using Patreon more for future mod updates but I'm opposed for users paying for this type of content.
    However, if you'd like to support me then there's an option for that too.

    Again, thank you for all your support.
    Hope everybody is well.

    ~ Beenie Pig...