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  • New mod: Player arrows

    Just released a mod that tracks players that are in the same map as you....

  • Daily Screenshot - 3.1.0 Release

    Hi! Just a small release with a couple of UI Config improvements and fixes for a couple of small bugs.

    Release Notes

    Version 3.1.0 is released. It includes the following updates:
    Update UI Config to have better explanations in general (tooltips, paragraphs, etc).
    Add a few more location options to UI Config.
    Fix CommunityCenter location not working when config has specifically selected it as an option (worked fine if using "Any" or "Unknown"). This bug has been around for a long time.
    Fix issue where if a player does not have a config.json file, the file is created but includes two sets of SnapshotRules instead of the normal single default set. This bug was introduced in v3.0.

  • Kataryna's Events (And how to unlock her in game)

    If you play through her arc fully, Kataryna has almost thirty events.

    She will start visiting your game in the first fall, turning up on the 15th of each season.
    The first time you see her, you should talk to her and she will introduce herself.

    After that:
    Visit the beach when Vincent and her are both there (that's Summer 15th in the afternoon, folks!).
    Visit the Saloon when she in there (Again, the 15th).
    If you have Juliet installed, visit the Town on the 15th when Juliet is at 4 hearts or higher.

    A few days after seeing Josephine's 10 heart event, Kataryna will turn up on your doorstep and announce that she's in town. Since at this point you will have seen her both around town and through Oliver's heart events, you will have a...

  • November Winner

    The Winner of last month competiton has been crowned.
    It's "Me The Witch"  by "Ella".

  • Huh

    I have no idea what to write here, so have a surprised pikachu as an apology.


  • RSV Thai Mod

    เวอร์ชั่นแรก มาแล้ว...

  • Persona To Stardew Progress

    First subway map complete. Somewhat simplistic, regrettably had to cut much detail in favor of a top down view.

    Update on Yongen: Map is complete. I could not retain much of the original layout, sadly. However, it looks much more Stardew-esque now.

    Yongen Changes: Had to move Supermarket. Had to cut Theater to move Clinic to an accessible place. Had to move the Bathhouse area to an accessible place. Laundry Area was merged with the outside of the Bathhouse. Moved the International Restaurant. Due to the limits of my graphical skill, the feel of Yongen is very much changed.

    Next Map: Underground Walkway.

    Planned upload date: June 20, 2024 (Summer Solstice). Date may be subject to change.

    Easter Eggs Planned: May add Gordon Ramsay a...

  • Sebastian Portrait.


  • Better Greenhouse FAQ


    Q: Is Better Greenhouse compatible with recolors?

    A: Mostly. The greenhouse glass, frames around the glass, and the squares around the irrigated crop water are custom assets, and won't be compatible with recolors. If you want to make a recolored version of any of these, send it to me and I will add it and update the mod. :) The rest of the mod uses vanilla assets. If any other assets except the ones mentioned above are replaced by a recolor mod, they should change. Note that some dirt and wood assets appear on the TownInterior tile sheet, and won't be affected by 'outdoor' recolors.

    Q: Can I change the slime hutch water feeder sprite?

    A: Yes, any mod that changes these assets, like Cuter Water Bowls for Slime Hutch (https://www.nexusmods...

  • Dolang Ilang

    Komentar atau Hubungi Instagram saya juga @dolangilang jika kalian mempunyai mods yang ingin kalian saya terjemehin ke bahasa indonesia...

  • Stuff I plan on adding in the future

    - A Sprites in Detail version so he can be B U F F as hell

    - Better portraits that show his muscles better

    - Better festival sprites

    Please leave suggestions here :3...

  • Better Together - SVE Spouse Buffs - VH

    Bản dịch việt hóa Mod Better Together - SVE Spouse Buffs...

  • Delaney's Quaint Weapons


  • Better Slime Hutch: All the config options

    First of all, you'll want to install the Generic Mod Config Menu mod if you haven't already. This will allow you to directly change the config settings in-game and see the results on the next tick of the in-game clock (or upon leaving and re-entering the building if time is frozen).

    Then download my mod "Better Slime Hutch". It has two dependencies that you will also need, "Extra Map Layers" and "Slime Hutch Water Spots". You need the latter even if you aren't planning on raising slimes.

    Once everything is installed, start up Stardew Valley and build a slime hutch. When you go inside, it should look like this: 

    To customize it, open the GMCM and find "Better Slime Hutch" in the list.

    Once you're in the menu, you'll have a variety of opt...

  • Daily Screenshot - 3.0 Release

    Hello there! :)

    Release Notes

    Version 3.0 is released. It includes the following updates:
    BREAKING CHANGE: Takes screenshot on correct day of the week. Fixes screenshots not being taken on the correct day in some cases, such as when specifying certain exact days like Day_X or taking screenshots only on some weekdays instead of all. As in, would take the screenshot the day after whichever one was specified; so if config had "Sundays", it would be taken on Mondays. As of this release, "Sundays" will now cause the screenshot to actually be taken on Sundays, for example. You may need to update your config.json due to this change.
    Now compatible with Generic Mod Config Menu.
    New config options for the following global screenshot settings: AuditoryE...

  • How to Use and Note

    How to Use:

    Simply put the entire file into your mods folder.


    If you wish to use the content .json to make your own sound replacement, just change the names of the sound files to others that you wish to switch - a list of them can be found on the wiki, listed at the Sound Tweaker page.

    I wasn't able to figure out how to make it accept a sound not included in the game - although I tried. The instructions on the Sound Tweaker page were a bit too advanced for me, since I couldn't make it work. I had originally meant to only make this as a personal replacement for the Pig to Fox sound mod, since that has quit working. After searching to see if anyone else had uploaded their sound effect using Sound Tweaker, and finding none, I figured I'd m...

  • Nothing Important



  • East Scarp VH

    Việt hoá của East Scarp...