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  • Feedback N Such

    If you have anything in mind regarding the mod, feel free to comment them here. I'll be keeping an eye for them... Atleast for quite sometime. lol...



  • How to setup a Virtual Super Resolution

    On the multiplayer beta, resizing windows smaller than 1280x720 seems to completely glitch out. On a 1920x1080 monitor like mine, this means the
    windows won’t fit on the screen without overlapping. A workaround is to
    use a fake higher resolution scaled down. Most applications may look
    slightly blurry, but Stardew Valley looks sharp once you have set zoom in-game correctly

    On AMD GPUs

    AMD settings -> Display -> check Virtual Super Resolution and GPU scaling. Then set the resolution to something like 2560x1440 in Windows display settings
    Right click desktop -> NVIDIA Control Panel
    Open Display -> Change Resolution -> click Customize -> click Create custom resolution
    To set resolution...

  • MP Speech Bubbles v1.0.0

    Wait, article? What am I suppose to write here? Uhh. Download my mod, and, um, subscribe to my MySpace account?...

  • Dark Wood Craftable Plus 1.3

    Reuploaded mod =3 i will keep update it if i get feedback and the mod will not be takedown....

  • Rename yourself mod.

    My very first stardew valley mod, here it is.
    Rename yourself.
    In order to use , type .setname whatevernameyouwant
    It's that simple.

    REQUIREMENTS: You need the lastest BETA of SMAPI which at this time is 2.6-8 Beta for Stardew valley 1.3 Beta.

    Once you've installed it if you don't have it already, put this mod into your mods folder like any other stardew valley mod, make sure to put the manifest.json as well.

    Type .setname followed by the name you want to use in chat.
    I reccomend changing your name back to your save's original name before saving to ensure that you don't create a new save that's a clone of your old one (untested but told by other modders that's what will happen).

    You can also use it to quic...

  • 1.1 Update - fixed some stuff

    With the 1.1 update, if you've used the 1.0 version, the bad news is- your watering can will be broken, but you can get a new one (that remembers how much water it has saves) for free!

    -Now the menu sprites are the correct (purple) color.
    -To obtain these items, make sure you have a regular iridium hoe and watering can in your inventory. Go to Clint's, if the right tools were in your inventory, there will be a box near the door. Right-click the box to open the menu. If you have both the hoe and the watering can (iridium quality) you'll be able to get the items and get 1 gold back each. (I couldn't change the sale price in the code).

    Coming soon is an update to add commands to cheat the items directly into your inventory....

  • Chubby Shane

    Change Shane in to a chubby guy~ °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

    Here the Portraits

    Sprite!! (⁰▿⁰)


    Hope someone will like it... ;w;...

  • Update Flower Valley 2.00

    Hi, Farmers! I upload Flower Valley 2.00!
    I added seasonal flowers. This is inspired by the blooming flowers in my country SOUTH KOREA! 
    If you are interested in what the added flowers are, read this article :)

    Little trees is changed to forsythia(개나리). This is a small tree with lovely yellow flowers.
    Small bush in town is recolored to more deeper pink, because I want to its look like Azalea(진달래).
    Pine tree is changed to Koelreuteria paniculata(모감주나무). This tree has a colorful yellow flower in late spring or early summer.

    Small bush in town is changed to Hydrangea(수국) This flower Loves water so much that it's korea name is mean "Water Chrysanthemum".
    Sunflowe added int...

  • Mod Integration: How to let Safe Lightning prevent lightning strikes caused by your mod.

    For Safe Lightning to work correctly, it depends on knowing that lightning will strike before it strikes to fully protect player's games from harmful lightning. If you want you your mod to be compatible, keep reading!

    If you just want to display the lightning sprite, or play thunder sounds, or flash the screen without any effect on terrain features or lightning rods, then you don't need to do anything or use the API. The API is for mods that want to create lightning that actually harms terrain features or charges lightning rods.

    The API for each version is as follows:
    /// <summary>
    /// Method to call when you want to safely create lightning.
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="po...

  • First upload

    First upload of a mod on Stardew for me. I was missing my ikebana class.... so I made a mod ''to pixelize'' some traditional flower arrangement... and bonzais... why not!

    The mod is made so the least useful material - the ones that you can't buy - becomes quite useful, even in the long run. Geode Minerals and clay are used for the pottery and fiber for ikebanas and bonzais. 

    To be done :
    1- Adjust all descriptions, time, the prices, add new pottery and more combinations. For now the chain of production is quite fast, for the purpose of testing and creating new material. I will make modification later on. It makes the mod way too OP and it's not my intent.
    2- Make some ikebanas representing the official schools of japanese ikebana.


  • Flower Valley 1.00

    I LOVE Eemie's Medieval modern buildings that made it. 
    This mod include the Medieval modern buildings's seasonal ver. based on A Toned Down Stardew Valley. 
    Recolor All Town Building and add beautiful floweres and bushes to your town, remove trash and repair old-broken things. 
    "Flower Valley" Mod is made by KAYA / jina2ya...

  • Hudson Valley Obelisks Installation

    To install this mod, download the file you'd like, unzip the file, and add HudsonValleyObelisks into the mods folder. Remember that this mod requires Content Patcher....

  • Report any bugs

    Make sure if you find any bugs, or anything that needs fixing to report it. I'm going to be as active as I can and try to fix it as much as possible. :)...

  • Just another Map redo...

    Interest in this SlimeHutch map redesign was expressed, so here it is. I simply made the room larger, opened up the spot in front of the incubator so it can be used, added an anvil and a direct link to the Blacksmith (break those geode's at home!). The building can still be used as a slime hutch for those who like raising slimes or just ignore the water troughs and place your furnaces, gem copies, ect. in there instead. Enjoy....

  • xblaid white border

    its a white border for your farm...

  • Ideas

    I will work on an overworld Model for Yuri. (Will maybe be included in the next update)
    But i am running out of Ideas. So give me some Ideas on what i shoul work next pls.
    If you have any ideas, let me know and write a comment....

  • BetterOasis

    Ist been a while since the last Version of this mod.
    But i made a new Version where all languages are supported (only languages Stardew Vally supports)...

  • FAQ

    "Help, I'm getting Error Item instead of the new seeds!"
    Please make sure you've followed the installation guideline throughout and don't have any other Mod interfering with Longevity. Error Items are connected to a problem with MCM as the game cannot detect the new seeds added by it. Please make sure, you have the english language settings activated.

    "I don't want to use certain aspects of the Mod, how do I turn them off?!"
    Locate your SMAPI-Mod-folder and your Longevity-folder within it (use the installation section, if you don't know where to find it). In this folder should be a file called 'config.json'. Open it with an editor of your choice (e.g. Notepad). Some of the settings there are just for debugging and beta testing, so please be careful. If you want to t...