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  • Hudson Valley Obelisks Installation

    To install this mod, download the file you'd like, unzip the file, and add HudsonValleyObelisks into the mods folder. Remember that this mod requires Content Patcher....

  • Report any bugs

    Make sure if you find any bugs, or anything that needs fixing to report it. I'm going to be as active as I can and try to fix it as much as possible. :)...

  • Just another Map redo...

    Interest in this SlimeHutch map redesign was expressed, so here it is. I simply made the room larger, opened up the spot in front of the incubator so it can be used, added an anvil and a direct link to the Blacksmith (break those geode's at home!). The building can still be used as a slime hutch for those who like raising slimes or just ignore the water troughs and place your furnaces, gem copies, ect. in there instead. Enjoy....

  • xblaid white border

    its a white border for your farm...

  • Ideas

    I will work on an overworld Model for Yuri. (Will maybe be included in the next update)
    But i am running out of Ideas. So give me some Ideas on what i shoul work next pls.
    If you have any ideas, let me know and write a comment....

  • BetterOasis

    Ist been a while since the last Version of this mod.
    But i made a new Version where all languages are supported (only languages Stardew Vally supports)...

  • FAQ

    "Help, I'm getting Error Item instead of the new seeds!"
    Please make sure you've followed the installation guideline throughout and don't have any other Mod interfering with Longevity. Error Items are connected to a problem with MCM as the game cannot detect the new seeds added by it. Please make sure, you have the english language settings activated.

    "I don't want to use certain aspects of the Mod, how do I turn them off?!"
    Locate your SMAPI-Mod-folder and your Longevity-folder within it (use the installation section, if you don't know where to find it). In this folder should be a file called 'config.json'. Open it with an editor of your choice (e.g. Notepad). Some of the settings there are just for debugging and beta testing, so please be careful. If you want to t...

  • Installation Guideline


    Download and install SMAPI: Installing SMAPI

    Step-by-step Guide

    Download and extract Longevity
    Locate your Stardew Valley installation folder: Finding the Game folder
    Backup you game files
    Copy the extracted Longevity-folder to the Mods-folder in your Stardew Valley installation directory
    For Windows-Users: Stardew Valley\Mods
    For Mac-Users: Stardew Valley/Contents/MacOS/Mods
    Install MCM (More Crops Mod)
    For Windows-Users:
    Go to Stardew Valley\Mods\Longevity\MCM
    Copy the Content-folder
    Now change to Stardew Valley (the basic game folder) and paste the copied Content-folder here
    Let your system overwrite the files
    For Mac-Users:
    Go to...

  • Buggy

    Yo Guys, as you know this mod is still buggy. Let me know if you know how to fix it.

    As soon as you get out of the house, the pam disappears. and gets replaced with the scarecrow. It happened to me, well let me know It happened to you too....

  • Blue texture for Penny

    This changes the texture of Penny to one with cyan coloured hair and a pale blue dress.

    Disclaimer: I am not an artist so it might not be pixel perfect....

  • Bus Mod by SuperAlvi

    This mod makes your horse into a bus, and your stable into a bus mod....

  • Hi

    Hi there, I'm new to this whole modding thing and uploading and sharing, so if I did something wrong, please let me know and I will do my best to correct it. If I failed to give proper credit for anything, it was an unfortunate oversight and if you let me know, I will add your name (or the author's name if not you) to the list of credits where applicable. I'm not trying to step on any toes here; I'm just trying to learn new things and delve into an aspect of gaming I've never partaken of.

    Erossava's Tree Happy Greenhouse is a simple map extension of the original game greenhouse map. No other modded files are included in the download. I merely added the recolored map to let others know what type of difference changing out a wall or floor tile color can make on the new map's appe...

  • Console_Commands_Re_Upload_Description

    Ever lose the console commands for SMAPI? If so, I don't know how you did, you loser. Anyway, here's a replacement package. I'm starting at Version 2.3 (the most recent release).


    This is just a re-release of the Console Commands for those of you who need it.

    Download SMAPI here: (All credit for this mod and SMAPI goes to Pathoschild)

    Visit Pathoschild (SMAPI creator) here:

    I don't own any of this stuff! All credit goes to SMAPI grand-pappy Pathoschild!

    Here's a quick video on SMAPI and Console Commands:

  • We have tested up the Star Dew Valley transformation MOD.


  • French localization available

    Hi people !

    Today, this tool start being useful as the french localization have been added !
    Feel free to send any feedback on Github...