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adds bedroom furniture, built-in closet (functional), and other modular things

Permissions and credits
Basic Bedroom Furniture
by orangeblossom

˚ʚ  ɞ˚

I took inspiration from ikea furniture when drawing the sprites for this mod, specifically their BJÖRKSNÄS bed frame and PAX wardrobe frames because it looks light, modern, airy and cozy and totally not because of the blazing summer heat where i live.

You can get this furniture if you have my catalogue which you can buy from Robin.

Translation Credits:
  • Keluoluooo for the Chinese translation
  • Nitropicc for the Spanish translation

If you would like to (extra) support me and my work, you can buy me a coffee! 

˚ʚ  ɞ˚⋆ Content Patcher Version Section ˚ʚ  ɞ˚
(aka 1.6 section)

  • green = NEW
  • red = rotate

This mod contains:

ꕥ beds
1. double bed
- double bed
- blocky double bed
2. single bed
- single bed
- blocky single bed

ꕥ end table

1. wooden end table
2. glass end table
3. blocky end table

ꕥ console table
1. wooden console table (extendable; rotate)
2. glass console table (extendable; rotate)

ꕥ plants
1. baby's breath on a vase
2. carnations on a vase

ꕥ wall decor
1. shelf
2. abstract painting
3. hanging dress

ꕥ floor decor
1. standing mirror
2. hamper
3. divider (2 versions; rotate)

ꕥ misc decor
1. bag clutter (2 versions; rotate)
2. makeup clutter (4 versions; rotate)

ꕥ lamps
1. candle lamp
2. wooden end table w/ candles and flower vase
3. wooden end table w/ star lamp and flower vase

4. glass end table w/ candles and flower vase
5. glass end table w/ star lamp and flower vase

2. 3 orbs floor lamp
3. nightlight and flowers
4. tea candle and flowers

ꕥ sconce
1. globe sconce

ꕥ modular wardrobe 
1. end piece (2 versions) - functions as a dresser; rotate to get left and right pieces
2. mirror end piece (left and right) rotate to get left and right pieces
3. double wardrobe (2 versions) - functions as a dresser
4. corner end piece (left and right) 
5. corner extension end piece (left and right)

ꕥ ottoman
1. cushioned ottoman (rotate to get extendable pieces + corner pieces)
2. wooden ottoman  (rotate to get extendable pieces + corner pieces)

ꕥ rugs (4 patterns each)
1. 3x3 rug
2. 4x3 rug
3. 5x4 square rug
4. 5x4 rectangle rug

future plans:
1. recolors using AT
2. making other AT mods with this set as the base

˚ʚ  ɞ˚⋆ Alternative Textures Version Section ˚ʚ  ɞ˚
(aka pre-1.6 section)

Textures can be found in the following:

  • artist bookcase
  • bed
  • box lamp
  • ceramic pillar
  • double bed
  • funky rug
  • globe
  • green stool
  • house plant
  • jade hills
  • needlepoint flower
  • old world rug
  • sandy rug
  • wall sconce
  • walnut end table

  • I wasn't able to include the wardrobe corners and extensions because of vanilla furniture limitations. The ottomans also don't have corner pieces but you can place them together and still get that 'connected' look.
  • Wardrobes in this version do not function as dressers.