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Larger farmhouse and cabin layouts with seasonal views, a bathroom, and a small greenhouse. It also adds a rooftop garden after the 2nd upgrade that serves as an additional farm and a travel hub.

Permissions and credits

  • Larger farmhouse and cabin layouts.
  • Large window views that change with seasons and the time of the day.
  • A functional bathroom from the start. Change your cloth behind the wall fountain.
  • A kitchen from the start.
  • An attic after the 1st upgrade.
  • A small plantable greenhouse after the 2nd upgrade.
  • A rooftop garden that functions like an additional farm and a quick travel hub after 2nd upgrade.

Other mods made to match (and been showcased in the screenshots):
Rustic Country Town Interior (For matching spouse rooms.)
Rustic Country Walls and Floors
Industrial Kitchen and Interior
Industrial Furniture Set (Full list of furniture used can be found in its description.)

You can repost all the images and text descriptions I've released for my mods with source, but please do not redistribute my download files without permission.



  • Make sure you’ve installed Content Patcher.
  • Download and unzip all the files to your Mods folder.
  • If you want the rooftop garden, you need to download PYTK and TMXL Map Toolkit. You can safely remove the "[TMXL] Seasonal Garden Farmhouse V2" folder if you don't want the rooftop.
  • If you want to place decors on the windows and change the floors in the extra rooms, you need to download Farmhouse Redone. You can still change and decorate the preexisted rooms without Farmhouse Redone.(Farmhouse Redone is broken for now with 1.5)

1.5 Notes:

  • If you updated the mod after 1.5 released and have your beds gone, you can buy them back from Robin or use Item Spawner.
  • If you installed this mod with a save that has already added 2 more rooms with Robin and has some floating walls showing through, please try "reset_walls" console command, or remove them again from Robin.


Compatibility Solution:

  • Wall and floors mods updated before Nov 26, 2019 are outdated (1.4 added 16 new floors and changed the layout of this sheet) and are likely to cause loading issues with this farmhouse, the way to solve it is by opening their content.json file in their Mod’s [CP] folder with text editor and change "Action": "Load", to "Action": “EditImage”, .

  • For users who wants to use both SVE and Farmhouse Redone a potential but still risky solution is:
  • Remove all the decors placed on extra walls then save and exit the game before the wedding day and your children's' birthday.
  • Uninstall Farmhouse Redone.
  • Enter the game and complete your wedding and birth-giving.
  • Save and reinstall Farmhouse Redone.




Minor issues:

  • Android users warping from the roof garden back to the farmhouse will teleport you to the front gate instead of the staircase leading to the garden.


Mouse(hatmouse) for lua script fix.
naeldeus for the bathroom tiles.
Fippsie for the lamp tiles.


lilmarsgirl: Marriage and Kids.
Cheese Wine: Android
Hadi(hadiwrites42): MP
Corrin(catstar8): MP and the "official" thing
Mae(fwippy/maerumaer2u): MP