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Smoother sprites for every barn + coop animal! Adds several breed/colour options. Now with Alternative Textures & mobile versions!

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This mod edits each barn + coop animal to smooth them out and make the artstyle consistent. Every animal except for cats, dogs, and the horse has been touched up, including baby versions.
Part of my Facelift series that also includes Vanilla Facelift, Pet Facelift, and SVE Facelift.

This mod requires SMAPI and content patcher. Just hit download, and unzip/extract the file into your stardew mods folder!
If you're using the AT pack, you'll also need Alternative Textures. In order to change the animal texture, buy the scissors from Robin and click on the animal.


There is a config guide included in the mod, but i'll write them out here too. This is only for the CP/mobile version.
Use the option 'vanilla' to turn off my edits entirely for each animal. This allows you to install other mods that edit the animals without conflict.

White Cow:       white, solid, holstein, vanilla
Brown Cow:      brown, solid, black, highland, vanilla
Sheep:               suffolk, white, black, vanilla
Pig:                    pink, white, tamworth, black, brown spots, black spots, vanilla
Goat:                  blonde, white, black, brown, black blaze, white blaze, vanilla
Duck:                 mallard, brown, black, white, vanilla
Rabbit:               blonde, brown, white, black, brown spots, black spots, blonde blaze, brown blaze, black blaze, vanilla
Void Chicken:   void, space, vanilla
Chicken:            edited, vanilla
Ostrich:             edited, vanilla
Dinosaur:          edited, vanilla

Please feel free to suggest more config options for the animals! I'm happy to add more as long as they're somewhat realistic (i.e. no neon purple cows)