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About this mod

A facelift for the portraits while still keeping their vanilla vibes in-tact! Pillowshading, dithering, and artstyle inconsistencies begone.

Permissions and credits

This mod edits each portrait to smooth them out and make the artstyle consistent. Every character's portrait has been touched up, but their designs remain (mostly) the same! For the people out there who want a sleeker look without any big changes.


How to Install

this mod requires SMAPI and content patcher!
just hit download, unzip the file into your stardew mods folder, and run the game once to generate the config file!



The configs are as follows:

Abigail:  Goth / Normal
Sam:      Normalhair / Shorthair
Harvey:  Mustache / NoMustache
Emily:    NoJacket / Jacket


please don't hesitate to let me know if there are any bugs or issues with this mod.

feel free to edit the art/add it to your own mod/make them seasonal/whatever you'd like as long as you credit me!

special thanks to the stardew discord for helping my idiot ass out with coding stuff.