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Smoother sprites + dozens of breed/colour options for cats and dogs! Works with Content Patcher and Alternative Textures.

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This mod edits the dog and cat sprites to improve them and adds several new breed/colour options.
Part of my Facelift series that also includes Vanilla Facelift, Farm Animal Facelift, and SVE Facelift.

SMAPI and Content Patcher are required. Hit download & unzip/extract the file into your Stardew mods folder!

- Main: set the skin for your pet in the config. all cat 1s will be orange, all dog 2s will be ghost, etc.
- Skins: adds skins as separate pets when making a new save/adopting from Marnie
- AT: requires Alternative Textures. use the scissors sold at Robin's to choose the skin for each pet. can be used alongside the Main or Skins version.


There are config guides included in the mod, but i'll include a text version as well just in case.
Cat 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 / Dog 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 correspond to what animal you chose when starting your save + if you adopt more later.

Cats: orange/black/grey/brown solid, under, tabby, bicolor, bicolor tabby, siamese fawn/seal/flame, calico, calico dilute, torbie, torbie dilute, white, pitch black, american curl, scottish fold, chimera, halloween, lykoi, ghost, tortoiseshell, purple, pink, blue
Dogs: lab yellow/black/chocolate, retriever cream/golden/red, german shepherd, german shepherd black, great dane, great dane black, husky, husky red, rottweiler, doberman, grey wolf, timber wolf, ghost, halloween, scooby doo