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A experience bars mod inspirated in the "Experience Bars by spacechase0" .

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A mod inspirated in the "Experience Bars" mod by spacechase0.
I forgot to update manifest in 1.1.1, it will be fixed in 1.1.2

That mod shows to player some informations about leveling system.

Mod features:
  • Shows each skill level (Supports some mods)
  • Shows skill actual experience
  • Shows skill needed experience
  • Configurable UI (config.json and in-game)
  • Level up messages


How to use in-game configuration:
Clicking in the Config Button you will see some options: (config key can be binded in config.json, "U" by default)

R Button: Resets all the changes (key can be binded in config.json, "Delete" by default).
E Button: Toggle the experience informations inside bars and popups.
L Button: Toggle the view of level up popup.
B Button: Toggle the view of box background.
+ and - Buttons: Adjusts the box size. (If you want to configure that via config.json, that only accepts integer numbers)
Confirmation Button: Confirms the configuration. 

To reposition the box you only need to drag and drop where you want.
The Eye Button will switch the box view. (key can be binded in config.json, "V" by default).

  • Added experience popup (appears when experience informations are active).
  • Updated the "UI - Themes" miscellaneous file, now contains the experience popup sprites.
  • Adjusted bar colors.
  • Fixed UI appearing in events.

  • Script fully rewrited.
  • Sprites changed to be more vanilla-like.
  • Added SpaceCore as dependency.
  • Added compatibility with "Magic", "Cooking Skill" and "Love of Cooking".
  • Added config button.
  • Added view button.
  • Added reset button.
  • Added options to scale the box.
  • Added drag-and-drop system to box repositioning.
  • Added button to toggle experience information view.
  • Added many options to config.json.
  • Added auto language.
  • Added the old sprites to the UI Themes file. (Miscellaneous file!)
  • Updated compatibility with Vintage UI (White and Brown), Starry Sky, The Pink Interface and Overgrown Flowery. (Miscellaneous file!)
  • Adjusted "Luck Skill" compatibility.
  • Removed logo button.
  • Removed language option from config.json.
  • Fixed buttons above casino UI.

  • Bug fix - Button UI now auto-ajusts in Volcano Dungeon.
  • Added new option in config.json (hide abilities button).

  • Bug fix - Button UI now auto-ajusts in Mines or Skull Cave.
  • Added new options in config.json (hide box background and level-up message).

  • Bug fix - Abilities UI are now hide on events.

  • Added Luck Skill compatibility.

Mod created by Ophaneom.
Thanks to spacechase0 for creating the SpaceCore API.
Source code:

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