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ManaKirel - Original Continued by Maythorn and Paradigmnomad

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A multipack of ManaKirel's Vintage Interfaces used to change the look of Stardew Valley's UI with brown and white versions, flower digspots with multiple colors, partial translations for all languages supported by SDV, and Android support.

Permissions and credits
This mod was originally made by ManaKirel, then transferred over to Maythorn, and now it has been transferred to me. I've kept much of the description the same from the original mod page.

Vintage Interface Multipack is a collection of the brown and white versions of ManaKirel's Vintage Interface mods which are by far my favorite User Interface design. I never play Stardew Valley without it! I started this project in order to make them compatible with Android and have taken on maintaining both of the previous versions in a single mod for ease of use.

Android Users
The latest release of ZaneYork's SMAPI for Android is not compatible with the latest release of Stardew Valley on mobile. Everything should work once it is all up to date, however, and you will no longer need a file that's separate from what PC users download or the Custom Localization mod.

- Latest version of SMAPI
- Latest version of Content Patcher
- Latest version of Generic Mod Config Menu (optional but highly recommended)

- Install the latest versions of SMAPI, Content Patcher, and Generic Mod Config Menu.
- Download the mod file, unzip it, and place it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
- The directory should look like this: Stardew Valley/Mods/[CP] Vintage Interface Multipack
- Configure your options by editing config.json or making changes with Generic Mod Config Menu.
- Theme Color: brown or white
- DigSpot Toggle: enabled or disabled
- DigSpot Color: red, pink, lilac, violet, white, black, orange, yellow, or blue
- Billboard Toggle: enabled or disabled
- Cursor Toggle: enabled or disabled
- Font: enabled or disabled
- Start the game and enjoy!

- Remove the [CP] Vintage Interface Multipack folder

Update: 3/30/2020 Maythorn has discovered a wonderful Naver mod that helps to fix fonts. It doesn't appear to fix the bold ones but it works really well for everything else. Give it a download!

[스타듀밸리] 폰트 속성 모드
[Stardew Valley] Font Attribute Mod

Fonts and Translations
I've been working a lot on trying to fix fonts for this UI. The old mods used .xnb file replacements, and this mod still does. The way fonts are colored in SDV, however, is coded in C#, which means that there will be discoloration of the current set up. I also cannot find any way to reliably create .xnb replacements for the other languages so when someone toggles their language for the game, they'll just get a bunch of messed up letters. There is always some kind of error in unpacking or repacking the files. The best fix would be to add a C#, potentially Harmony, mod to Vintage Interface Multipack to change the colors.

Would any modders who can make C#/Harmony mods like to help with this? And, if you need a non-Latin font, make sure to disable the Fonts in the meantime. Sorry about the inconvenience.

The developers and publishers of Stardew Valley. You all have made the best farm sim game ever!
ManaKirel for making this awesome mod and making SDV so beautiful.
Paradigmnomad for releasing an unofficial version when 1.5 released so people could keep using the mod. Also, for adding art files I hadn't made yet!
Pathoschild for maintaining SMAPI and Content Patcher and making modding possible.
ZaneYork for bringing modding to Android.
The community of the Stardew Valley Discord server. You all are super helpful and friendly!