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Simple Update Framework for Mods

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Mod Updater

by Platonymous

Simple updater, written for my own mods, though it can be used as a framework for other mods.

Still very much in development, post any issues you might encounter in the Bugs section.
Only tested on windows. Let me know how it works on other platforms.

This mod takes information given by other mods to download their newest version at the start of the game.
You need to be online for this to work and rate limits can cause some updates to not be loaded right away.
On Windows you can set AutoRestart in the config.json file to true, which will cause SMAPI to restart if an update was loaded.
A restart is not necessary in most cases but I'd still recommend it to be save.

If you have a free Github Account you can add your credetials in the config to increase the rate limit for update requests, however this should not be necessary at this point.

If you have any questions you can usually find me on the Stardew Valley Discord under the username Routine#8715

If you like my mods and want to support me, you can do so via Paypal or on Patreon.