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Expanded Storage allows Content Pack Creators to add more custom storage options to the game.

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This mod allows Content Pack Creators to add custom storage to the game. Expand Requirements to see Content Packs supported by this mod.

Expanded Storage is safe to add/remove at any time. Custom chests added by Expanded Storage will revert to vanilla chests if Expanded Storage is removed from your game. It should work with any other mod.

Expanded Storage chests are loaded using Content Patcher and can be customized with Better Chests.
Check out the latest version of 6480's Storage Variety for an example which uses most of Expanded Storage's features.

Feel free to visit me on my Discord server for announcements and early access to beta releases of my mods.
You're also welcome to seek support or submit issues there. You can also find me on the Stardew Valley discord in #making-mods (LeFauxMatt#6785).