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Bigger chest menus, chest tabs, scrolling inventory. Expanded Storage allows Content Pack Creators to add more custom storage options to the game and can add extra functionality to regular chests.

Permissions and credits
This mod allows Content Pack Creators to add custom storage to the game. Expand Requirements to see Content Packs supported by this mod. Also all of the config options can apply to regular chests as well!

Currently supports the follow configuration options:
  • AllowCarryingChests - Allows chests to be carried. (Default true)
  • AllowModdedCapacity - Allow custom storages to hold item slots other than 36. (Default true)
  • AllowRestrictedStorage - Allows custom storages to limit what types of items they can hold. (Default true)
  • ExpandInventoryMenu - Allows the inventory menu to show 1-6 rows of items depending on capacity. (Default true)
  • ShowOverlayArrows - Shows up/down arrows when there are more rows of inventory to scroll. (Default true)
  • ShowTabs - Shows chest tabs in the inventory menu to navigate items more easily. (Default true)

Note - The mod will skip patching any of the game's functions if all config options are set to false. This may be desirable if you're having compatibility issues with other mods. If you do this you will not be able to easily access any excess items that you have already without having to move out your items.

Custom storage behaves exactly like Vanilla Chests so they should be compatible with other mods.
Please report any issues to GitHub Issues

For Content Creators
  • Load the objects into the game as a JsonAssets BigCraftable.
  • You must specify "ReserveExtraIndexCount": 16 in your big-craftable.json file!
  • Create a separate content pack folder that has "ContentPackFor": { "UniqueID": "furyx639.ExpandedStorage" } in its manifest.json file.
  • In this same folder create an expandedStorage.json file with the below format list all objects to convert into storages.

"ExpandedStorage": [
"StorageName": "My Chest", // This must match a Name from big-craftable.json
"Capacity": 0, // If capacity is 0 or null, it will default to 36 slots
"CanCarry": true, // Allows the player to pick this chest up with items (default true)
"BlockList":[-24, -20], // What items the storage can not hold
"Tabs":["Crops", "Other"] // Which tabs to show for this storage (names from below)
"StorageName": "Seed Storage",
"Capacity": -1, // If you specify -1 for Capacity, it will be replaced by int.MaxValue
"CanCarry": false, // Do not allow the player to pick this chest up with items
"AllowList":["category_seeds", "category_fertilizer"] // What items the storage can hold
"StorageTabs": [
"TabName": "Crops", // This must match a Name from big-craftable.json
"TabImage": "Crops.png", // Looks for this in the assets folder first
"AllowList":["category_greens", "category_flowers", "category_fruits", "category_vegetable"] // Which items are displayed under this tab
"TabName": "Other", // This must match a Name from big-craftable.json
"TabImage": "Misc.png", // Some default images are provided by the mod
"BlockList":["category_greens", "category_flowers", "category_fruits", "category_vegetable"] // Anything except for these are displayed under this tab

I recommend using LookupAnything with ToggleDebug to see what context tags are available for various items. There are tags for different categories, clothing types, colors, fishes, quality, etc. so plenty to work with.

Check out the latest version of MegaStorage as an example of a mod applying this format.

In the future I'll add API-based loaded for more advanced functionality.

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