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This mod builds upon previous iterations of the Immersive Farm saga.

Permissions and credits
Initially, I created this version for a private server (the last update was since July 18, 2020), but decided to release it for the public to enjoy. If anyone is ambitious to create additional scenic landscapes or features in IF4, we can collaborate to make your designs and contributions a reality. 

Donations are now available, and are completely optional. 

Special thanks to mouse (hatmouse) for continued help and support. 

  • Must begin a new farm 
  • Must select "Beach Farm" at the character creation screen 
  • (if you're on mobile, you can download the Riverland version in the Optional Files)
  • No peeking/spoiling 

  • Gateless fences for animals 
  • Big shed 
  • Larger greenhouse 
  • Allows a boat to ride on the river: must place the stable/garage at an specific section of the map (south beach or green area on top of the west cave) and replace the horse/tractor sprite with the boat sprite (sprite is in the IF4 file) 
  • Although I could've created an entirely new map, I chose to retain several notable features from prior iterations to show the progression of the "Immersive Farm" as it's such an iconic and influential map design (you may have noticed there was never a published version of Immersive Farm 3, but I want to respect the author of the unpublished version by naming this mod "IF4" and not "IF3")  

  • You may select the default greenhouse by changing the config to "false" (this will also help if you're using a modded greenhouse) 
  • You may omit the Red Sheds by changing PlaceYourOwnRedShed in the config to "true" 
  • For the anniversary of uploading to nexusmods, there is an optional underwater add-on (requires Swim mod; upgrading tools is recommended before installing) 
  • You may remove external paths in the config 

  • Tractor Mod (to ride a boat; sprite is in the IF4 file) 
  • No Clop If It's Not a Horse it Shouldn't Gallop (removes sound when using boat, though may still hear clopping in multiplayer) 
  • Movement Speed (to travel across the map quicker)
  • Unlimited Players (designed for a large community) 

  • I haven't looked, but there may be an incompatibility with Stardew Valley Reimagined. I may develop full compatibility in the future. 

Known Issues 
  • No known major issue   

In Dedication To 
  • Anyone and everyone involved with the development of the "Immersive Farm" (past, present, and future) 
  • All of the lives injured and lost as a result of COVID-19
  • Members of the "2nd Best Farm"