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Changes the player's movement speed and charging time of the hoe and watering can.

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  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
Changes the player's movement speed using a flat multiplier.
As such it stacks properly with other speed modifiers, such as horses, coffee and being slimed.
It also reduces the charging time of the hoe and watering can.
The movement speed and charging times can be configured in the mod's config.json, see below.
The movement speed change is not applied during cutscenes, as this would cause the game to softlock.

Note: run Stardew Valley once with this mod enabled to generate the config.json file.
  • MovementSpeedMultiplier: The movement speed is multiplied by this amount. The mod's default is 1.5, meaning 50% faster movement. Set this to 1 to disable the increase in movement speed.
  • ToolChargeDelay: Time required for charging the hoe or watering can in ms. Normally this is 600ms. The mod's default is 600/1.5 = 400, meaning 50% faster charging. Set this to 600 to disable faster tool charging.
This mod requires the following mods to be installed:Known bugs
Please report bugs on GitHub.

  • Update for Stardew Valley 1.6
  • Localization support
  • Russian & Ukrainian translation
  • Updated for Stardew Valley 1.5