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This mod provides over 35 lines of original and revised dialogue and over fifty original and revised marriage dialogue for Krobus. The SVE version have added and revised lines for a more immersive SVE experience.

Permissions and credits
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The Krobus Dialogue Mod Pack for SVE contains the following:

- Krobus Dialogue Mod for SVE
- Krobus Marriage Dialogue Mod for SVE


The Krobus Dialogue Mod Pack requires the following:

- Content Patcher for both versions.
- Stardew Valley Expanded for both versions.
- Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion for main dialogue mod only.

Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion is required to ensure that the Krobus Dialogue Mod for SVE will load last making it a priority for SMAPI. As Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion doesn't have any marriage dialogue for Krobus, it's not required for the Krobus Marriage Dialogue Mod for SVE.


- Make sure you have all the required mods and that they're up-to-date.
- Please note that Krobus will start with basic dialogue and then gradually open up about his experiences, likes, beliefs and fears from two hearts onward. After six hearts his dialogue would be more SVE immersive as you should have seen his six-heart event as it takes place right in the sewers.
- If you are not married to Krobus, please install only the Krobus Dialogue Mod for SVE. If you are already married to Krobus, install the Krobus Marriage Dialogue Mod for SVE. If you are not yet married to Krobus and planning on doing it, you can install both.
- Please note that I am not responsible for Content Patcher, Stardew Valley Expanded and Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion. If you have any errors or questions relating to these mods I ask that you contact the author or make a post on their pages.
- For technical issues, a link to your SMAPI log will be most beneficial. You can find instructions here. For coding issues, a screenshot would be appreciated. 


- Please note that there are very few dialogue mods featuring Krobus so any chance of conflict is very small. Stardew Valley Expanded itself does not edit any dialogue from the basic characters except for some cutscenes.
- I have tested this mod using the Community Centre route. I don't think Krobus' character would change greatly if you chose the Joja route but do let me know of any developments.
- Please also note that I have not tested this in Android. However, I don't see any potential issues. You can of course post any issues. Check the Troubleshooting section on how to do this.
- If you're not using SVE and want a more general Krobus dialogue mod, check my Krobus Dialogue Mod Pack here.
- And yes, you can edit any dialogue but make a backup as any update would restore the original dialogue.