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I went through some dialogue mods for Stardew Valley when I noticed that there was no CP Krobus Dialogue Expansion mod. So I made one.

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  • Turkish
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin

This dialogue mod pack contains the following:

- Krobus Dialogue Expansion Mod
- Krobus Marriage Dialogue Expansion Mod

As stated, these are the only Krobus dialogue mods that uses Content Patcher. Over 25 new and revised dialogue lines for the main dialogue mod and over 50 new and revised dialogue lines for the marriage dialogue mod.

Starting from two hearts onward, Krobus will open more about his world - his relationships, his likes, his dreams and his devotion to Yoba. As your friendship grows, he becomes much more intimate as he explores new feelings and hopes.

The marriage expansion mod will further explore your secretive relationship with the shadow creature as he adjusts life on your farm and having a mate. He even brings more gifts to you!

How to Install:

Download the dialogue expansion pack and extract the proper mod(s) to your Mods folder.
You'll need the latest version of Content Patcher and Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion (main dialogue expansion).
If you are already married to Krobus, install only the marriage expansion mod. You only need Content Patcher.
Installing the Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion will ensure that the Krobus Dialogue Expansion mod will load last, making it a priority for SMAPI.
As there's no Krobus marriage dialogue in Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion, you don't need it for the Krobus Marriage Expansion mod.

How to Uninstall:

Simply delete the mods from your folder. Krobus will return to vanilla dialogue but there should be no more issues.


Make sure that you have the required mods and that they're up-to-date.
Remember that Krobus will start with basic dialogue but you should see a difference from two hearts onward.
Krobus' main dialogue is still more restricted than the other marriageables. I have not been to rectify this.
For technical issues, post a link to your SMAPI log in your post or bug report. For coding issues, a screenshot is permissible.
Please note that I can't fix issues with SMAPI or Content Patcher. I ask that you go to their respective pages and post your issues there.


There is no current Krobus dialogue mod for Content Patcher so there should be no issues with that.
For Stardew Valley Expanded users, please check the SVE version here.
Android users can now install the Android version under Optional Files. See Requirements for more info.