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This mod adds in a totally new dateable NPC named "Aspen" with a new location, many heart events, changing dialogue and more!

Permissions and credits
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese
  • Korean
Please note this is in early-alpha, she should be playable X amount of years with no bugs, but I want to add in content to make her feel more unique as months go by. Currently that is only the case for spring and summer. I also want to add in many more heart events to expand on her character more :D

Thanks for understanding!
(As of v0.0.5 she only required Content Patcher to work)

Regarding permissions:
* If you want to do translations, DM me
* If you want to do a portrait mod, feel free
* Anything else, DM me

Meet Aspen, a new NPC who lives on her own farm west of the railroads! She got screwed over with
Joja's accident, preventing her from going home until they clear the path! Fortunately for her,
Gus was nice enough to let her stay at the Saloon until then.

How lucky!

That means her schedule and dialogue will be changing after the first month!

She's outgoing, kind, and a bit of a chatterbox.
Oh, and she loves her bees.

She has a lot of friends in Pelican Town and can be seen hanging out
with many different people like Marnie, Leah, Linus and more!

She participates in all of the festivals (even the egg hunt) and
often is seen with Linus so he doesn't feel so lonely!

Her dialogue at festivals will change over time (and sometimes based on if you're friends or not)
in hopes she doesn't get stale! Plus, it also gives you a reason to talk to her more. :)

She may even ask you questions the day before a festival, depending on your answer
you can either increase, decrease, or not change your friendship level!

- Content Patcher

- Custom Gift Dialogue
- NPC Adventures
NPC Adventures (Aspen)
- Seasonal Outfits
- NPC Map Locations
- Aspen's House Replacer

Alternative portrait mods:
- High Res Anime Portrait by patman124
- 3D HD Portrait by Gizzlembos03
Shie-Esque Portrait by Stephamoeba

She has many heart events, some of which are totally optional,
and some change a bit based on your friendship level!

For example, when she moves back to her farm in the summer depending on your
heart level you may get a letter in the mail, or she may come in person to tell the
farmer that she is finally moving back to her farm! If she comes to tell the
farmer, depending on your heart level she may show interest in them!

Current Heart Events:

(Optional) Minimum Heart Requirement: 1
Conditions: Be in the Forest map with Aspen in Spring, Year 1

(Optional) Minimum Heart Requirement: 1
Condition: Be in the Saloon with Aspen between days days 23 - 30

(Optional) Minimum Heart Requirement: 1
Condition: Leave your farmhouse between 6-9:30 AM on Summer 3rd, Year 1
(Optional) Minimum Heart Requirement: 2
Condition: Leave your farmhouse between 6-9:30 AM on Summer 3rd, Year 1

After the summer update:
(Optional) Minimum Heart Requirement: 0
Condition: Enter Aspen's house after 9 PM while she's there

(Optional) Minimum Heart Requirement: 0
Condition: Visit Aspen's farm while she's there during summer year 1

Gift Tastes:
Love: Soapstone, Fairy Rose, Maple Bar, Triple Shot Espresso, Diamond
Like: Maki Roll, Fruit Salad, Green Tea, Daffodil, Truffle, Fruit Category, Flower Category, Coffee, Ruby, Fairy Stone, Star Shards, Dandelion, Holly, Cactus Fruit
Neutral: Mineral Category, Animal Product Category, Vegetable Category
Dislike: Resources Category, Fertilizer Category, Monster Loot Category, Seed Category
Hate: Trash Category, Bait Category, Fishing Tackle Category

Me - Coding, programming
PeachJam - Concept artist
Sapphire - Sprites

Duckexza - Brazilian Portuguese translations
ryukenryuu - Brazilian Portuguese translations
szeel (6squad) - Russian translations
Donpija - Spanish translations
dark8807 - Chinese translations

made by @PeachJam