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New cute Harvey. He was cute before. But now he finally shaved his moustache

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!!!ATTENTION!!! This mod WILL conflict with Seasonal Village outfits. Or any other mod that changes appearance of the given character. Please, pay attention.

UPDATE: As always I found a few screwed up pixels right after I uploaded everything. Why do I keep doing this..fixed it

'ight, guys, before you call me a coward for not loving Harvey's moustache enough, I gotta elaborate on smth: I watched the movie "the Lovely bones" and it scarred me for life, so disgusted I was by it. And there was a horrible...human being, Harvey, with his horrible moustache and horrible glasses. And I kinda died a little everytime I saw Harvey in Stardew Valley, cause I remembered this unspeakable piece of sh..

SV Harvey deserves better - he's the kindest, smartest and cutest guy. So I decided to make this mod and give myself some peace. Those who watched the movie (or read the book) as well, will get me. Those who didn't... well, I can't say I would recommend it, it's really...awful.

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