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Elliott's completely new look, 1.6. Lighter/Darker skin versions. Seasonal outfits, Bonus Furniture, New Schedules, Edited Spouse Room and Cabin.

Permissions and credits

Elliott’s been giving me a side look for a very long time. So I’ve made several attempts at making him look us straight in the eyes. This is the final edit and I think I’ve finally done everything I wanted and more.

Also, many years ago someone here reached out to me, asking whether they could use my older version of this mod to make a darker skin Elliott for themselves. I never saw if they actually finished their it, but I kept thinking about that ask ever since. So I decided that I capable of actually providing a mod like that myself now. I wonder if that person ever sees it, because they surely inspired it.

  • There are 2 main versions of the mod: Darker Skin Elliott and Lighter Skin Elliott. They include all new outfits, features and schedules.
  • There are also optional LITE versions of the main mod. There are basically no new features included, they are simply Seasonal outfits versions of the main mod. 
  • Now the mod has Seasonal outfits (In winter Elliott wears a special outfit inside his cold cabin. He also has a separate outfit he smts wears in fall and always in winter indoors).
  • You can toggle his Beard on/off in the config menu.
  • Added a small bonus Furniture Pack you can unlock if you’re good friends with Elliott (or if you’re married to him).
    Read more below under "Quest and Furniture".
  • There is a small Delivery Quest associated with the furniture. Read more below under "Quest and Furniture".
  • For one day in Spring, Summer and Fall Elliott will be having Reading Book sessions at the Community Center. It’s
  • not an event and is simply a schedule change to add some variety to his everyday routine. There are several conditions for it to happen.
    (Read more under "Reading Book Schedule").
  • In winter he’s going to dedicate most of his days to writing. You might see him pacing around his cabin, using few small animations I added.
  • You can use edited versions of Elliott's Spouse Room and Cabin

Reading Book Schedule

It is not an event or a passive festival. I just wanted to add smth new to the villager’s schedules and to make something happen at the Community Center for once. Also I really like Elliott’s 8-heart event but you can only choose one genre of his book for the whole playthrough and I wanted to somehow include all three of them.

  • It must be Spring 14, Summer 14 or Fall 14,
  • Time: 12:00-18:00 (12 p.m.-6p.m.),
  • It must NOT be raining (green rain counts, of course),
  • You have seen Elliott’s 8-heart event,
  • You have seen Community Center’s Completion Ceremony.

What exactly happens:
  • Elliott comes to read one of the three variants of his book from the 8-heart event. He will be reading his sci-fi novel in spring, romance novel in summer and mystery book in fall. 
  • 7-8 different villagers will also attend every season. (Warning: Gus will be absent from the Saloon for most of the Spring 14, Marnie and Robin will close their respective shops on Summer 14).
  • There is a small shop (to the right of the desk, you’ll see a cursor pointing to it), where every season you can buy:
- A poster for the book. Hang it on the wall at your farm. Buying it from this shop will give you a small luck boost for the day.
- A book itself. It can be gifted to any villager as a universal gift or shipped (you’ll receive twice the price you payed for it, actually).

Quest and Furniture

About the Quest

  • It must be at least year 2, 
  • You have seen Elliott’s 8-heart event,
  • You are not married to Elliott (go to "5." if you’re married to Elliott).
  • If these conditions are met, you will have a rare chance to find a “Quill and Ink Set” item (3500 g) at the Traveling cart (festivals included).
    It’s quite a rare item, I’ve found it about 3 times in an in-game year of testing it.
  • When you buy it, a delivery quest "A Gift For A Writer" will be immediately added to your journal. You have 3 days to complete it, otherwise it will expire and the item will disappear from your inventory. You’ll have to find it again to start over.
  • You will receive a letter and a gift from Elliott in return by mail 7-8 days after you’ve completed the quest.
  • Upon receiving this mail you will unlock the opportunity (50/50 chance) to find Elliott’s Furniture Catalogue and Elliott’s Portrait at the Traveling cart on Fridays and Sundays (at the Forest location only).
  • If you married Elliott without ever acquiring or completing this quest, he will just send you a letter and a gift from "3." after you reach 12 hearts with him. And his Furniture Catalogue and Portrait will be unlocked just like in "4.".

About the Furniture

  • How to put things on the furniture from this mod?
Furniture Framework mod (which you have to install for my furniture mod to work) has a setting that controls which key to use to be able to put things on the tables. By default it is set to “Right Mouse button”. So when you want to put smth on the tables from my mod you need to hold an object and right-click on the furniture (put things on the couch, armchairs or tables). You can change this key to whatever you want through config menu (install Config mod menu for convenience).

  • I can’t/don’t wanna wait to start the quest and unlock the furniture?
You can just copy these commands into SMAPI’s console (read how to use debug commands here) to immediately receive Elliott’s Portrait and his furniture catalogue: 

debug item pinzol.ElliottFurniture.catalogue
debug item pinzol.ElliottFurniture.Portrait

  • I deleted the mod and now have corrupted items that I can't remove?
I recommend using ModifyThis mod in this case. The mod's page with tutorial is here.
But it hasn't been updated and you can find the latest version of the file only here.


How to install:
  • Have Content patcher installed
  • Have Furniture Framework installed if you're planning to use additional furniture I included.
  • Download a version of the mod you prefer. There are currently 4 versions available (use only one at a time!):
- Elliott Lighter FULL 1.6 (Full pack: Lighter Skin, Seasonal outfits, New Furniture, Reading Schedule, Edited rooms),
- Elliott Darker FULL 1.6 (Full pack: Darker Skin, Seasonal outfits, New Furniture, Reading Schedule, Edited rooms),
- Elliott Lighter LITE 1.6 (Bare minimum: Lighter Skin seasonal outfits, edited rooms and a small schedule change for winter),
- Elliott Darker LITE 1.6 (Bare minimum: Darker skin seasonal outfits, edited rooms and a small schedule change for winter).

  • Unzip the folder inside the archive into your Mods folder.
  • Highly recommend using Generic Mod Config Menu by spacechase0 to change mod's settings more comfortably. Or just change config.json file in the mod's folder manually.
This mod can and will conflict with any other mod that changes Elliott's appearance. It will also conflict with mods that change spouse rooms or his cabin map. Just set mod's settings for edited rooms to "false" if you do not wish to use my version of them. So, pay attention, guys :)


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