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Shows NPCs' schedule for the current day based on current world conditions.

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Adds two new menus that show the schedules for NPCs. The main menu shows the previous, current, and next schedule entries for each NPC. It will also show an "!" icon next to a character's name if they have an active quest associated with them. If you hover over a schedule entry it shows which specific tile the NPC is on in that location, which direction they are facing, and which sprite animation will be playing. On click, a second menu opens showing the full schedule for that NPC as well as their current location and if they can receive a gift today.


Config Options
ShowSchedulesKey - the key to open the Schedule Viewer (default: "V")
DisableHover - don't show tile, facing direction, and animation info on hover
UseLargerFontForScheduleDetails - use a larger font size on the Schedule Details page (longer location names may get cut off if enabled)
NPCSortOrder - the order the NPCs are sorted in the Schedule Viewer (default: "AlphabeticalAscending")
There are currently 2 filters that can be applied:
  • OnlyShowMetNPCs -  hides NPCs the farmer hasn't met yet (default: false)
  • OnlyShowSocializableNPCs - hides NPCs you can't socialize with i.e. Gunther or Sandy before the bus is repaired (default: true)

  • Works with Stardew Valley 1.5.6 or later on Windows/Linux/Mac
  • Works in single-player and multiplayer (mods need to match for it to be accurate).
  • Works with mods that change NPC schedules
  • Custom NPCs (like those from SVE and RSV) are fully supported
  • Custom Locations are fully supported
  • No known mod conflicts

Specific Mod integrations

For Mod Authors: see the author guide for details on how to add your own Custom Tile Areas


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