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Long ago I picked and edited buildings for personal joy. Now I have the approvals to share. This is a Content patcher mod that will change how your buildings look.
Has seasonality.

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Hi there, 
So long story short about 2 years ago I made some YT vids (tours and tutorials) about my version of various buildings I found here on Nexus. I liked several building mods and I couldn't decide which to use so I mixed them. Many people have pleaded with me to share since they had the same issue as me but I didn't have approval and help with coding until now:

Texture donors
- Eemiestardew

- nkamran3312

PLEASE go kodos, endors and all the rest to the list above since they are the ones who did most of the work. I just gathered stuff together. 

Tutorials and tours in the playlist bellow:

If you want to help beta test or donate your time and skill for future project, then please do join us at:

Future plans:

- do pond version
- mesh building types better. Ad buildings from the Witcher 3 Toussaint Beauclair city style. (some are done for my Ghibli mod if you are curious what I mean, it's those colorful ones with white trim)
- do more building lev (exp: barn and coops have 1 version atm)
- do textures for other buildings (fish shed, winery, tractor etc)
- do animations? The water obelisk fountain needs it. 
- release my version of 2cute greenhouse see in my vid. Still waiting on approval. I also have a shed and house interior I may release. You can see them in my vids.
- release my version of IF2 and my version Hilltop. I broke them, I need to fix them. I tried to ad a salwater beach to IF2 for our fish mod. 
- mail box.
- do better flowers on the buildings, my pixel art skills have gotten better since 2 years ago, I just didn't have time to redo the textures. 
- release my grass version, seasonal. 
* My version of craftables maybe I'll ad to the new craftables we're making for the Ghibli mod. That will include the fences and paving you've seen in my vids.