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I've decided to quit making mods for SDV! I will not be coming back.



As of 2020 I have decided to transfer all authority over the majority of my mods to minervamaga. They have been updating the mods to make sure they keep working each and every update, and I am very grateful for that! It makes me happy to hear there are people that want to keep my mods alive so people can enjoy them, it simply humbles me.


Therefore, it is best that all questions about permissions/rights to use my mod's assets, or questions about a collaboration or just in general, are asked to minervamaga. You can reach them here on nexusmods, on the stardew valley subreddit or in the stardew valley discord.


The mods in question will also no longer be hosted on nexusmods. From here on out you will be able to find them on Moddrop.


With love,