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I've decided to quit making mods for SDV!


I had to quit because real life became overwhelming and I got extremely busy. I still am busy, and I lack the energy to keep up with all the quick changes that are going on in the modding community. All positive changes, but I can't find the interest anymore to learn what's new and how to update my mods so people can still use them.


So since my mods broke, people are updating them with patches themselves and reuploading them. That's fine! You may! I'd love it if the community can continue using the mods I worked so hard to create. You do not have to send me private messages anymore to ask for permission (I love it that people did, but when I logged in I saw I had 50 odd messages asking for permission, and I can't help but feel guilty I couldn't answer them in time).

The same goes for people wanting to use my assets in their own mods, be it for personal use or for the creation of a new mod. Use all that you like, I really don't mind, you don't have to ask me permission anymore.


All I ask in return is credit and a link back to the original :)


Maybe I'll return one day, and maybe I'll get to play the SDV Multiplayer update too (can't believe I never did lmao). Until then, see ya <3



If you'd like to speak to me about something, you can also reach me on reddit: u/eeemie. I don't log in here anymore, you might as well talk to me there.