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A collection of anime dolls and decoration for Custom Furniture

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This mod adds 34 items from various Magical Anime shows/movies:

- 18 Sailor Moon-inspired dolls, action figures, and plushies
- 3 fully rotatable Magic Knight Rayearth dolls and 1 Mokona plushie
- 2 Cardcaptor Sakura-inspired dolls
- 3 Princess Mononoke-inspired dolls
- 5 Howl's Moving Castle-inspired dolls, including 1 animated Calcifer lamp
- 2 Kiki's Delivery Service-inspired dolls

To install, simply extract and add the folder directly into to your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

Furniture can be purchased at Robin's shop or obtained through the Furniture Catalogue.


This is my first mod and a work in progress.

Please note that the lamp animation will not work when placed on a table.

The tatami/rugs/doormats/tables/counters featured in the screenshots are not included.

In-game screenshots were taken with Illuzio's Natural Color Reshade installed. Therefore there might be some slight colour variations depending on any recolours you have installed.


To complete your anime look, I recommend you to also check out these other mods:
- Seasonal Japanese Buildings to replace your vanilla farm buildings
- Oriental Rugs and Tatami Set for the ones used in the screenshots, and many more
- Sailor Styles for Sailor Moon-inspired hairstyles, clothing, and kimono
- Sailor Scarecrowsto replace vanilla scarecrows with Sailor Moon versions
- Sailor Moon Weapons purchasable at the Adventure Guild


Sailor Moon character dolls were made with reference of sprites from the Super Nintendo RPG, Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon: Another Story
Magic Knight Rayearth dolls were made with reference of sprites from the Super Nintendo RPG, Magic Knight Rayearth