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Hair, clothes, kimono and hats based on the characters of Sailor Moon.
Comes with character hairstyles and 200 new clothes to choose from!

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  • Mandarin
  • German


1.   Install Json Assets to get all the hats and clothes in,
2.   Download this mod, then drop the Sailor Styles folder into your Mods folder.

+   Not using hairstyles? Disable them in the config file!
+   Want skirts for your shirts? Get the custom pants from Kisekae Skirts!
+   Add items from other content packs to Artemis' shop in the config, just add their unique ID!
+   Got lots of hair mods? No need to edit the images! Sailor Styles magically adds onto your current set.


If you're keen on writing little translations for 100+ shirts and items, get into contact with me via Nexus messages!
Translations are encouraged to be bundled with the mod to make updates easier for you and me:
If I've not replied to your mail for 2 weeks, you can post your translation separately on the Nexus.

Our bundled translations, with love to:

waitingmoon — Japanese,
ErosDkAl — Spanish,
maraticon — Russian,

.. and available as a separate download:

Leon — German,
jackBBQ — Mandarin Chinese!

Two years after our first release, we've finally brought in a new line of menswear!
Dress up in stunning tuxedos of a dozen varieties, or take a jog in some comfortable Azabu-Juuban streetwear.
Find these tops at Artemis' shop! -- Motorbike and roses not included.

Artemis' shop sells colourful kimono all year round, so you can liven up your farm with some beautiful seasonal robes.
These kimono are styled after the 25th anniversary release Sakura Kimono Festival chibifigs.
Also includes brand new designs for the outers, as well as a plain dyeable variety. Show your colours!

Artemis sells a selection of clothes every Sunday and Monday next to the Hat Mouse House, in vanilla and Stardew Valley Expanded.
All the new clothing options are lifted from outfits in the show, and made to match the vanilla game's style.
See if there's any you know and love, and try your luck at finding them in Artemis' shop!

Also added is a range of new hairstyles from all the inner and outer sailors, in both original-colour and a customisable colour base.
If you want to use the original colours, set the Saturation slider to the left, and the Lightness slider to the right!
You can choose these in the character creator or from the Wizard's magic mirror.

If you're playing with Customize Anywhere, you can use that, too: the default hotkey's Shift+2.
Don't want to use any new hairstyles? You can disable extra styles in the config!

Use a character creator mod to customise your farmer on the go!

Customize Anywhere by Cherry

To complete the look, try these other mods:

Seasonal Japanese Buildings by sonreirblah
Sailor Moon Weapons by MissCoriel

Try an interface recolour, too:

Vintage Interface by Mana
Starry Sky Interface by Walpi

>> github