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Replaces the vanilla buildings into Japanese Buildings that changes with each season. Also includes animated building and statues, and craftables.

Permissions and credits

  1. Download the latest version of SMAPI, Content Patcher and Content Pather Animations.
  2. Download Seasonal and Animated Japanese files
  3. Unzip and place in your Mods folder.  DELETE THE MACOSX FOLDER, you don't need it. The folder should only contain: assets, manifest.json and content.json
  4. Start the game once to get a config.json file in the Seasonal Japanese folder.
  •   Junimo Hut Alternative: true- set your Junimo Hut as a Bonsai Tree on a rock, not the Stone Lantern
  •   Shed Alternative: true - set the Shed as a Tea House, instead of the Japanese store  
  • Craftables: true - if you want to use my craftables   
  • Static Well: true - if you don't want to use the animated well.

Hi there! Thank you for showing support on the previous version. 
Enjoy these Japanese-inspired farm buildings for your farm!

What's in here?

-Buildings have minor changes every season

-Animated well (not very accurate tho). If you want a non-animated well, change the config.json "Static Well" to true/

-Animated Statues of Endless Fortune and Perfection. Get the non-animated Statues here.

-Junimo Hut Alternative (Bonsais growing on a rock)

-Shed Alternative (Tea House)


Currently working on:

-Interior Furniture

-Interior Bathhouse for the Slime Hutch

What could be next?

-Japanese Clothing for NPCs

-Japanese Valley!

-A new Farm Map

Support me if you like my stuff! :) Or check out my Tumblr for WIPs, commissions, etc.