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Tired of crows destroying your crops ? Let the Sailor Scouts help you !

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Official update for version 1.3
What's new?
I actually spent time learning how to convert the files into Content Pack, so it took quite sometimes
Anyway, i made a few changes to the sailors' sprites to made them look more polished ( i actually rushed editing when i first made it)
Most noticeable would be Luna and Artemis

There are various other subtle changes to other sailors as well !

Tired of evil crows damaging your beloved crops ??
Fear not,
because the Sailor Scouts are here
to protect you and your crops from the dark evil crows
( and the Dark Kingdom ) !!!
“I am Sailor Moon, champion of justice! On behalf of the moon, I will right wrongs and triumph over evil, and that means you !"

*inserts Moonlight Densetsu here*

But wait, there is more !

Replace the ugly statues with more of your favorite sailor characters

And a small surprise !!

Instruction :
Need to have ContentPatcher
Put the folder into your Content/Mods

Credits :
-This is a mod made upon this request
- The sprites are taken from here, i only edited it

Note :
I havent test all of them yet as i have not collect all of the scarecrows, please tell me if there is stray pixel somewhere