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Allows you to customize your farmer anytime, anywhere. Includes optional customization mirror and full clothing catalogue item

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Customize anywhere focuses on giving access to vanilla customization options-- that is, you can safely deleted Customize Anywhere at any time and your farmer's appearance won't break. If you're looking for a Get Dressed/Kisekae replacement for additional customization not in vanilla, then take a look at Get Glam instead

Please make all bug reports in the Bugs tab, not Posts. I do not come on Nexus often and I can't read all the comments, but I will look at bugs. For suggestions, please submit an issue to my github

  • If Json Assets is installed, two new items the "Customization Mirror" and "Clothing Catalogue" are added to the game. The blueprints for them can be purchased from Robin for 50k each. The mirror is crafted with 10 wood and 2 refined quartz, and the Catalog with 10 wood.
  • Right click on the Customization Mirror to access a customization menu where you can change your gender, hair, shirts, pants, and accessories. All vanilla options are available. Press OK to save changes. Press the escape key to exit the menu and undo all changes
  • Right click on the Clothing Catalogue to bring up a catalog containing all hats, shirts, and pants in the game, included any modded ones you have added in with JSon Assets
  • If you want to change the sprites for the mirror and catalogue, or change price/crafting requirements, you can find everything in the assets folder

To install:
  • Install SMAPI
  • (Optional) Install Json Assets
  • Download and unzip the contents of this mod into your /Mods folder

If canAccessMenusAnywhere is true:
  • On default, press LeftShift+1 to open up the customization menu
  • On default, press LeftShift+2 to open up the Dyes menu after seeing the event that unlocks it
  • On default, press LeftShift+3 to open up the Tailoring menu after seeing the event that unlocks it
  • On default, press LeftShift+4 to bring up the clothing catalog
  • If you want to access Dyes and Tailoring without unlocking the event first, set canTailorWithoutEvent to false in the configs

Config options ( config file will be generated after running SMAPI with this mod installed once ):
  • "canAccessMenusAnywhere": If the menus can be brought up anywhere. If Json Assets is not installed, this is the only way to access the customization menus. Default true
  • "ActivateButton":  The button needed to activate all of the other commands to reduce accidentally bringing up the menu. Default LeftShift
  • "customizeButton":  The button used to bring up the customization menu. Default D1
  • "dyeButton": The button used to bring up the vanilla dye menu. Default D2
  • "tailoringButton": The button used to bring up the vanilla Tailoring menu. Default D3
  • "dresserButton": The button used to bring up the Clothing Catalogue. Default D4
  • "canTailorWithoutEvent" : If dye and tailoring menu is available before seeing the unlock event. Default false

For a list of valid buttons inputs, check the Wiki

Find the source code of all my mods on my github