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Turns the bald female farmer into a fully playable version of Abigail, as well as turning the underwear sprites invisible to remove obstructions.

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Have you ever wanted to play as a townsperson?
Was that townsperson ABIGAIL?

It better have been, because the mod you see before you allows the player to be Abigail! Purple hair, short stature, all that Abigail-y goodness! Now you can enjoy Stardew Valley without settling for cosplay, by taking the exact form of everyone's favorite rock-eating gamer girl!

A few of the sprites used to make this mod were taken from Abigail herself, but a ton of the other sprites had to be done by me to fill in the blanks. This ain't just some low-effort one-hour-development playable Abigail, but an Abigail that's sprited and animated to do almost everything the farmer can do!

In addition, due to Abigail replacing the bald female farmer, all the other typical farmers will still look totally normal. So if you wanted to be Abigail while all your friends look like their normal selves, worry not!

1. Equip hairstyle 53 (or whatever hairstyle happens to be pure bald, depending on the mod you're using)
2. Take off your clothes 🔫😡
3. No, really, clothes don't fit her

Due to Abigail's short stature, there are a couple of things that I was unable to get to work properly. Some tools won't fit perfectly in her hands (like the fishing rod and the slingshot) and she isn't customizable in any way. She also can't blink, but that's no biggie.

PS: If you ever get to see her to open a jar, let me know!