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Destiny Characters Osiris&Saint-14: clothes and exo‘s body

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[CP] 文件夹里替换的内容有:农夫身体,配饰,发型,肤色。
[JA] 文件夹里是:帽子,衣服(不含肩甲),裤子。




                          圣人exo完整装扮的选项: 发型——52(脱下肩甲时可选53) ,发色(00,00,99)


除了必要的前置mod以外,推荐使用Change Shoe Color来调整鞋子的颜色来与衣服搭配。
Customize Anywhere 不是必须的,但它可以让你使用shift+4迅速调出衣服,shift+1快速更改上述设置,所以强烈推荐安装。


[CP] The contents replaced in the folder are: farmer's body, accessories, hairstyles, skin colors.
[JA] The folder contains: hat, shirts (without shoulder armor), pants.

                                             The shoulder armor parts of Osiris and Saint are in hairstyle.png.

                                             (If you choose the shoulder armor, there will be no hair, haha. I also replaced some hairstyles (3, 4, 52, 53) 
                                             for the effect, so if you only want hats, shirts, pants, choose and delete the pictures in the [CP] folder by yourself.)

                                             (There are original pictures of the game in the original folder, you can use the software to adjust the pictures in the basic folder,
                                             such as adding the desired hair to the shoulder armor, or changing other hairstyles to the shoulder armor)

                          Osiris complete dress up options:       Hairstyles-3 (optional 4 when taking off the shoulder armor), hair color (00, 00, 99)
                                                                                            Skin colors-16

                          Saint Exo complete dress up options: Hairstyles-52 (optional 53 when taking off the shoulder armor), hair color (00, 00, 99)
                                                                                           Skin colors-22 (20 if you don't wear armor)

In addition to the necessary pre-mods, it is recommended to use Change Shoe Color to adjust the color of the shoes to match the clothes.
Customize Anywhere  is not required, but it allows you to use shift+4 to quickly call up clothes, and shift+1 to quickly change the above settings, so it is strongly recommended to install

For multiplayer games, please ensure that the host and guest install the same mod so that you can see the same thing.