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A buildable Greenhouse using TMXLoader.

Permissions and credits
UPDATE AS OF MAY 2020: There may be some bugs. It also appears to be incompatible with IF2R at the moment. I am unable to solve the current issues with it - but if any more experienced modders want to take it, make changes, and upload it themselves, they are 100% welcome - no credit necessary.

Finally, you can have as many greenhouses as you can fit on your farm! These greenhouses look just like the original ones in the game. You can grow seeds in any season, and sprinklers work! The water trough in the back also works to refill your watering can.

Saplings cannot be planted here unless you're using the Better Fruit Trees mod - though the creator of that mod warns that you may experience "weird effects" from doing so.

These greenhouses can be bought with the TMXLoader's buildables menu - pulled up using F2 - for 60,000g, after you've fixed your first greenhouse.

As of 1.4, this is not compatible with Immersive Farm 2 Remastered. It may also be incompatible with any other farm maps that use TMXLoader. It is compatible with map mods that just load with Content Patcher.

To Use:

  • Make sure you have the required mods downloaded: SMAPI, PyTK, and TMXLoader.
  • Download this mod and unzip the folder into your mods folder.
  • Get your first greenhouse fixed, either through Joja or the Junimos.
  • Earn and be willing to spend at least 60,000g.
  • On your farm, press F2 to pull up the Buildables menu. Select the Greenhouse and place!
  • You can remove greenhouses by pulling up the Buildables menu again, switching to the "remove" tab, and then double clicking the greenhouse you want to remove.

Optional BIGGER Greenhouses:

The original greenhouse interior is the same as vanilla and features 120 diggable tiles and a single watering source. The medium one features 400 diggable tiles and 3 water sources - though it'll cost you 120,000g. The large one features 812 diggable tiles and 6 water sources, but will cost you 200,000g. You can only pick one to have on your farm, so choose carefully! They all look the same from the outside.

Optional SEASONAL Greenhouses:

The great minervamaga herself has contributed a way to implement seasonal greenhouse exteriors to the Buildable Greenhouse mod! You'll need to add the seasonal images yourself. The optional download includes instructions on how to do so.


Thank you to the people at the Stardew Valley Discord - in particular, mouseferatu, who helped with every question I had.
And thank you to the Stardew Brewery unofficial port and the Inside the Abandoned Joja Mart mod which I explored the files of to learn how to make this one work. If people smarter than me hadn't already figured this stuff out, I wouldn't have been able to complete this mod.