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This mod lets fruit trees be placed, grow, and increase in quality even if there is something in the 3x3 area surrounding them!
It also makes Junimo Huts harvest fruit trees!

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Better Fruit Trees
(Formerly Fruit Trees Anywhere)

This mod makes it so that fruit trees can be placed and will grow even if there are things in the 3x3 area around them.
It also makes it so that the quality of the fruit from your fruit trees increases year after year, even if the area around them is not kept clear.

You no longer have to worry about spacing when planting your fruit trees!

It also makes Junimo Huts harvest fruit from fruit trees! You can disable this if you don't want them to do that, though.
There's also an option to let you place fruit trees outside of the farm (disabled by default)!

You can change settings by running SMAPI once to generate a config file, then closing the game and editing the config.json created in the Mods/BetterFruitTrees folder. (Acceptable values are false or true for each option)

Config options:

Disable_Fruit_Tree_Junimo_Harvesting: Disable junimo fruit tree harvesting. Disabled by default.

Wait_To_Harvest_Fruit_Trees_Until_They_Have_Three_Fruits__Then_Harvest_All_Three_At_Once: Makes junimos wait until the tree is full to harvest it. Disabled by default.

Allow_Placing_Fruit_Trees_Outside_Farm: Lets you place fruit trees outside the farm, almost anywhere. You don't need this for the mod to work in the greenhouse - it'll work there by default. Disabled by default. May have weird effects since this isn't in vanilla - use at your own risk.

Allow_Dangerous_Planting: Lets you place fruit trees in places normally not possible in your farm. Disabled by default.  This increases the number of possible places you can put trees, but there are still some tiles you still can't put fruit trees on. For example, you can put trees on the border in the greenhouse or on the porch of your house. May have weird effects since this isn't in vanilla - use at your own risk.

It also works with custom fruit trees!

This mod requires SMAPI by Pathoschild. To install the mod, place the BetterFruitTrees folder in your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

**If you're upgrading from the first version, delete the FruitTreesAnywhere folder, you don't need it anymore :)**

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