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A port of Stardew Brewery by Cylon for 1.3, using TMXloader!

Permissions and credits
Original Mod by Cylon
This is an unofficial port made with permission by the author!

Stardew Brewery is a new buildable for your farm, perfect for storing all your kegs, casks, and the like!

This is a beta build. several features from the original mod will be missing.
I plan on adding as many of the original features as I can, please be patient! I wanted to get this out there in case people wanted to use it.

This building uses TMXloader's building menu, accessible by pressing F2!

Differences from the original:
  • Unfortunately at this current moment, native support for furniture and casks is not possible with my skillsets. If you want casks to work you will need Casks Anywhere. There is no real way that I'm aware of to allow furniture through TMXloader, but if anyone knows one or a workaround, please don't be afraid to share! For now, you may use Furniture Anywhere as a remedy!
  • The first version available will have stairs leading down to the cellar rather than a warp. This will be changed if requested by enough people.
  • Any other missing features are currently being worked on!

PyTK by Platonymous
TMXLoader by Platonymous
[OPTIONAL] Furniture Anywhere
[OPTIONAL] Casks Anywhere

  1. Make sure to install all required and optional mods first.
  2. Unzip [TMX] Stardew Brewery to your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.
  3. Launch the game using SMAPI!