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Just in time for summer, more realistic and subdued recolors of the summer crops are here!

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Just in time for summer, more realistic and subdued recolors of the summer crops are here!

Tired of the vanilla crop colors getting in the way of your nice map recolors?  Want more realistically colored versions of the summer crops?  Well, today is your lucky day!


First inspired by the beautiful subdued colors of Illuzio’s Natural Color Reshade and designed to work with desaturated map recolors, this mod applies more natural colors to all the base game crops that naturally grow in the summer.  Each crop can be configured to be recolored during the summer only or year-round, and harvested crops will be recolored as well.

Summer forage item and tree fruit recolors are not currently included in this mod, but may be added in a future update. 

Please Note: If you also use Makoace’s Fall Heirloom Crops Overlayfor blue corn and sunflowers all year, make sure to enable only one mod or the other for those crops in the config files to prevent conflicts. 

If you use Geminia's Flower Color and Reharvest Mechanics with this mod, Summer Spangle and Poppy must be set to AllYear for the recolor to work.  The "TR" option in that mod will cause conflicts where the stems will not appear if both mods are enabled; it is recommended that the config settings in this mod be disabled for any flowers using the TR option in Geminia's mod.

To recolor a crop only in the summer: Use the default configsettings, which have all options set to “true”
To recolor a crop year-round: Set “{{Crop}}ForSummerOnly” to“false”
To disable a crop recolor: Set both “{{Crop}}AllYear” and“{{Crop}}ForSummerOnly” to “false” 


This mod would not be possible without the following:
-Color palettes for Melons, Red Cabbage, Sunflowers, and Tomatoes are used with permission from Illuzio’s Natural Color Reshade
-Makoace’s Fall Heirloom Crops Overlay and DZK312's Fanciful Resources were used as baseline referents for the structure of the content.json
-Special thanks to Moo and SpringSong on the Stardew Valleydiscord server for their assistance with the content.json
-Banner assets in the description on Nexus have been modified with permission from ManaKirel’s Vintage Interface
-For a full list of mods used in the full farm image, please use this pastebin link.