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Reskins most of the basic resources into prettier or more realistic ones

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Ever notice how there's just so many Content Patcher mods for dogs, cats, horses, characters, portraits, maps, clothes, etc? But what about the little guys, the little items in your inventory that you see on a day to day basis (stardew time of course), some look good, some of them are ok, but many of them are just weird, ugly, or even plain gross. Fret not, because here comes my fanciful resource reskins! I took it upon myself to reskin many of the basic resources in the game and then share it with everyone! Some of the new images are simple recolors of different items, some of them are modified from the original sprite, and a number of them I hand made myself using reference images. The main goal of all the reskins were to make them look more pleasing to the eye, as well as adding a little bit of realism where possible.

• Stardew Valley (duh)
• SMAPI (current version)
• Content Patcher (version 1.7 or newer)
• Content Patcher Animations (optional, only required if animated items are desired)

What's Different?:
• Wood/Hardwood• Stone• Sap• Fiber• Clay• Coal
• Metal Ores
• Metal Bars/Refined Quartz• Mined Gems*
• Foraged Gems/Cinder Shards• Prismatic Shard*• Monster Drops*
• Eggs• Milks• Duck Feather• Rabbit's Foot
• Wool/Cloth• Truffle/Oil• Mayonnaise• Cheeses
• Fertilizer• Food• Bombs• Battery• Tree Tappables
• Trash*
• Tree Seeds• Cave Carrot/Bone Fragment
• Mushrooms• Shells• Key/Unique Items

*Has some or all Animated Options

What's the Same?:
• Hay - It already looks good and I got no clue how to improve it anyways, plus, the new Fiber makes these two look like living and dead grass, so that's cool
• Iridium Ore - Iridium is a metal unique to Stardew and has a unique sprite. Its look is not bad to begin with, plus, the sharpness of it is fitting for the slingshot
• Radioactive Ore - I'm not sure what to do for this, so I might make a sprite for it later if I get some ideas

Customization? Yes, customization. See something you like here but then you look at something else and think you're better off without it? I'm three steps ahead of you! There will be a config.json file (PLEASE be sure to read the README.txt file included) for the mod that let's you customize three different ways. First there's the ability to disable or conversly enable any of the reskin bundles (I say bundles because it makes no sense to, for example, enable gold and iron bars, but not the rest of the bars, and also it's going to be far too much effort on my part and the part of the user to choose each and every single individual item). Additionally, a few select items will have alternate options for your choosing (and more to come), which can be seen listed in the Config Guide.txt file. Lastly, some items have animated sprites (fancy, fancy), they can optionally be turned on or off so long as content patcher animations is installed.

Future Plans:
• More 1.5 Key items
• More Items and Item Bundles
• More Alternate Options for Current Items
• More Animated Items

- If anyone has any suggestions for what you want to see me add to the mod (and also maybe how), or what potential alternate sprites you want to see for current ones, let me know by leaving a post  and I'll see what I can do :D

Mod Compatability:
• Blue Iridium - This mod changes all iridium in the game from purple to blue (Please see note at bottom of README.txt included with the mod)
• Coordinated Crafting Bars (by Yifal) - Changes the Iridium Bar and Refined Quartz to match the Copper, Iron, and Gold Bar size and shape
• Glass Milk Bottles (by andiluxe) - Turns the milk and goat milk items into glass bottles adorned with icons respective to the animal

Current Incompatibilities
• Iridium Recolors (by 6480): Does not cause functional problems, only issue is iridium bars will either be recolored, or retextured, but not both.
• No other known incompatibilites. This mod will not overwrite any sprites that aren't explicitly being reskinned with the mod

- If anyone knows of any mods that modify or recolor any of the sprites used by this mod, please let me know via post and I'll see what can be done about it :)

Contact Me:
Best way to get in contact with me is to message me on Discord - DZK312#6313
Otherwise, leave a comment here