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1. Getting started
2. Customizing the mod
3. Using this with other mods

Getting started

"My config.json file only has one setting in it. Is it broken?"

Nope! That file is for "universal" mod settings. The config file for your farm's settings should be in the FarmTypeManager/data folder.

"The mod doesn't have a data folder. Where's my config file?"
"The mod does have a data folder, but default.json is the only file. Should I edit that?"

Start Stardew Valley and create/load the farm you want to customize. This will generate your farm's config file. (Read the instructions on the mod's main Nexus page for more info.)

The default.json file will change the settings in every new config file. To configure one specific farm, look for the file with your farmer's name -- something like Playername_12345.json.

"Does this mod have [feature]?"

This what the current version of the mod can do:

* Spawn forage on any map.
* Spawn ore on any map.
* Spawn large objects (stumps, logs, boulders, meteors) on the farm.
* Spawn most items on the ground, on any map. (Look up the item ID, then add it to the forage system's ItemIndex lists!)

This is what it can't do:

* Spawn large objects on non-farm maps.
* Spawn different fish (like the Riverland Farm).
* Spawn monsters (like the Wilderness Farm).

Customizing the mod

"I don't know where to start! Is there an easy way to configure this?"

Yes! (Partially.) There are a lot of options, but the ones at the very top can enable the default mod settings all by themselves. If you edit them to true instead of false, here's what they will do:

"ForageSpawnEnabled" will make forageable plants spawn on your farm, like on the Forest Farm.
"LargeObjectSpawnEnabled" will make any large (hardwood) tree stumps on your farm respawn each day, similar to the respawning stumps on the Forest Farm.
"OreSpawnEnabled" will make ore spawn on any "quarry" (dark brown) dirt on your farm, like on the Hilltop Farm.

If you need to change more complex settings, try looking at the Config File Examples article.

If you want to edit things yourself, try skimming the Settings section of the GitHub readme. It tries to explain each setting individually.

"Forage is spawning on my farm now, but some of the plants are missing or different..."

By default, this mod uses the Forest Farm's forage types. These aren't the same as "normal" forage on other maps; for example, certain mushrooms will spawn in summer and fall.

"I enabled ore spawn, but it's still not spawning..."

Your farm probably doesn't have the same type of "quarry" that the Hilltop Farm does. Scroll down to the "Ore_Spawn_Settings" section and look for "AutoSpawnTerrainTypes". It should say "Quarry" underneath -- replace that with something like "Dirt", "Grass", or "Diggable" to make ore spawn somewhere else.

This is also important if you're trying to spawn things in the Mountain quarry -- the quarry area uses light-colored "dirt" tiles, unlike the farm.

"Can I add the same kind of spawns to multiple maps?"

Yes! It's a bit harder to edit, though. Check out the Config File Examples article for examples that do this.

You need to create multiple copies of all the bracketed "Areas" settings, separated by commas. In a default file, the settings should look like this:

"Areas": [
area #1's settings here

When you're done editing, it should look more like this:

"Areas": [
area #1's settings here
area #2's settings here
area #3's settings here

After that, you just need to customize the different settings for each area (e.g. changing the "MapName" settings).

Using this with other mods

"Is this compatible with my other mods?"

Probably, yes! This mod doesn't change anything about Stardew's existing code. It just spawns new items once per day, based on your config file.

"I use a custom farm. Can I still spawn things there?"
"My mods add new areas to the game. Can this spawn things there?

Yes! Custom farms usually don't change the code this mod uses, so everything should still work the same way. Even if the custom farm added new areas, it probably uses the same "Farm" map name for all of it. (In technical terms, it's all the same map, just split into different sections.)

If you use a mod that adds new areas to the game, this mod should still be able to spawn things there. To find out which "MapName" the new areas uses, go there in-game and bring up the SMAPI console. Type whereami to display the map's name and other info.

"I'm sure my settings are right, but stuff won't spawn on this custom map..."

Try to find the "StrictTileChecking" setting and change it from "High" to "Medium".

Some custom farms and other maps have unusual tile settings, so Stardew's safety checks think they're obstructed or "unsafe" for spawning. One popular example is Immersive Farm 2's quarry; some versions won't allow things to spawn there without this setting.

"How do I spawn items added by a mod?"

The forage spawner supports most custom items from mods. Add them to the seasonal ItemIndex lists the same way as any other item.

To find the right index number, you'll want to use SMAPI's console: load your farm, bring up the console, and type list_items followed by the name of the object you want to spawn. The number on the right side should be the item's index number.

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