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Adds an explorable forest to the secret woods. How deep does it go?

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  • Spanish
What is this?

It's a mod that adds an explorable, procedurally generated forest to the game. In short: Something similar to the mines, but with wood instead of stones as the major regrowing resource. I call it DeepWoods, because it is big and has a lot of things to discover.

It's also a dangerous place, meant to enhance late game. If you are early in the game, do not try to explore the forest. You have been warned.


This mod is still in beta. It has come quite a long way with plenty of updates to fix bugs and improve stability. However you still might find bugs. If you encounter any bugs, feel free to report them using the "Bugs" menu option above. Please do not report bugs in the comments section, it makes it unnecessarily difficult to keep track of bug reports. When reporting a bug, please provide the full SMAPI log (you can upload it here), and describe what you were doing, what you expected to happen, and what happened instead. If the issue is multiplayer related, please upload both the server and the client SMAPI logs. Thanks!

Multiplayer conflicts

Please note that this mod uses custom network messages with a default network message id 220. As of now this should not conflict with other mods. If you encounter another mod that also uses the id 220, you can change the id in the config.json of this mod. Both server and client must use the same id to be able to communicate.

Known network message ids:
  • Stardew Valley itself uses all values from 0 to 19.
  • MTN uses 30, 31 and 50
  • PyTK uses 99
  • spacecore uses 234
  • DeepWoods uses 220
  • SMAPI uses 254 and 255

As of 1.4-beta.1 DeepWoods uses the new SMAPI network API.

Fun facts

  • The forest gets completely generated on the fly while playing, there are no map files. This means that the forest is different for every game, with great replayability.
  • It's fully compatible with multiplayer. You can explore the forest with your friends!
  • The forest makes heavy use of luck modifiers and player combat levels, to create the best experience for everyone.
  • The forest is highly configurable, all values and settings it uses for level generation, resource placements, monster strengths etc. are in a config file in the mod folder. While not recommended for everyone, I still encourage you to play around with the config.json in the mod folder.

Known issue

Some users may experience an issue where the game simply becomes unresponsive without any error message when loading a savegame or starting a new game session while this mod is installed. This is due to your antivirus preventing the config file being written. To fix this do the following:

  • Temporarily disable your antivirus.
  • Redownload and install SMAPI.
  • Add an exception to your antivirus for the Stardew Valley folder (for instructions search online for your antivirus name with the words "add folder exception").

Version history

  • 1.2-beta.3 / 1.3-beta.1 Earliest public release.
  • 1.2-beta.4 / 1.3-beta.2 Fixes issue where players get warped back to previous level when warping between levels.
  • 1.2-beta.5 / 1.3-beta.3 Fixed capitalization of dll name in manifest.json causing problems on Linux systems. Fixed music not stopping when warping out of Deep Woods.
  • 1.2-beta.7 / 1.3-beta.4 Changed custom network id from 99 to 220 (PyTK uses 99, causing issues when using both mods). Also made the network id configurable in the config.json.
  • 1.2-beta.8 / 1.3-beta.5 Fixed possible multiplayer conflicts with mods that replace the game's multiplayer class.
  • 1.2-beta.9 / 1.3-beta.6 Added compatibility for MTN and Save Anywhere.
  • 1.2-beta.10 / 1.3-beta.7 Fixed bug in multiplayer games where clients would get stuck at coords [0,0] when warping from a DeepWoods level into any level except Farm or Woods.
  • 1.2-beta.11 / 1.3-beta.8 Fixed several game features:
  • 1.2-beta.12 / 1.3-beta.9 Fixed a bug in a late game feature:
  • 1.2-beta.13 / 1.3-beta.10 Fixed exploit in a secret:
  • 1.2-beta.14 / 1.3-beta.11 Added API, fixed crash bug with Save Anywhere, fixed minor bugs in animations and luck calculation, improved how the mod modifies the Woods map, some code refactorings.
  • 1.2-beta.15 / 1.3-beta.12 Updated API, fixed version in README.txt.
  • 1.2-beta.16 / 1.3-beta.13 Minor fixes and code refactorings, updated API.
  • 1.2-beta.17 / 1.3-beta.14 Fixed rare crash bug when using Save Anywhere.
  • 1.2-beta.18 / 1.3-beta.15 Added new assets by mostlyreal and zhuria. Fixed minor issue with lighting and added compatibility with Dynamic Night Time.
  • 1.3-beta.16 Updated asset by mostlyreal. Fixed minor issue with fruit trees in the first level. Hopefully fixed rare crash issues with Save Anywhere.
  • 1.3-beta.17 Fixed rare error where a dictionary was modified in a foreach loop when saving the game.
  • 1.3-beta.18 Updates by Pathoschild: Added support for i18n translation files. Progress is now safely stored in the save file. Older data will be migrated automatically when you next save. Fixed issue where the mod conflicts with SMAPI's multiplayer API. Updated code for the upcoming SMAPI 3.0.
  • 1.4-beta.1 This is identical to 1.3-beta.18. I think it's appropriate to increment the minor version number when completely overhauling the multiplayer code. Consider 1.3-beta.18 obsolete.
  • 1.5-beta.1 Updated DeepWoodsAPI to 2.0.1 and added support for replacing texture assets.
  • 1.6-beta.0 Added ko language file (credit to, added gingerbread house by technopoptard98, made compatible with SMAPI 3.0. (Thanks to Pathoschild for all the help.)
  • 1.6-beta.2 Fixed infinite recursion bug that crashes or freezes the game on load for some people.
  • 1.6-beta.3 Added support for DeepWoodsModAPI 2.0.2 which adds a method for third party mods to warp the local player into the DeepWoods forest at a given level.
  • 1.6-beta.4 Fixed issues with adding the DeepWoods entrance to ScreetWoods. Added options to config file for changing where and how passage gets added. Added new language files. And introduced a game-breaking crash bug. Do not install!
  • 1.6-beta.5 Fixed crash bug introduced in 1.6-beta.4. Sorry, everyone!
  • 1.7.0-beta Added compatibility with SDV 1.4. Big thanks to Mizzion for the temporary patched version until I was able to release this official update.
  • 1.7.1-beta Fixed issues with fruit trees in DeepWoods levels.
  • 1.8.0-beta
    • Added Chinese and Spanish translation. (Thanks, q847633684 and skullSG!)
    • Added proper description for Woods Obelisk.
    • Added acoustic feedback and HUD message when using healing fountain.
    • Fixed bug preventing players in multiplayer from entering DeepWoods levels.
    • Fixed bug preventing Woods Obelisk from being properly built.
    • Improved forest randomization algorithm to prevent groups in multiplayer getting separated as long as they stay not more than 1 level apart.
  • 1.8.1-beta Fixed crash bug caused by other mod loading blueprints before i18n is initialized.
  • 1.8.2-beta Fixed crash bug caused by too early i18n initialization. (See, this is why coding is fun.)
  • 1.8.3-beta Fixed Woods Obelisk cost settings not having any effect under certain circumstances.
  • 1.9.0-beta Added compatibility with SDV 1.5. Small Russian translation update. Removed easter eggs due to too many crash bugs that I don't have the time to fix.
  • 1.9.1-beta Fixed crash in unicorns. Thanks to Esca-MMC ( for providing the fix.
  • 1.9.6-beta Fixed crashes in multiplayer. Thanks to NexusWulf for extensive testing of intermediate versions.
  • 2.0.0-beta
    • For SDV 1.5.5+ (64bit).
    • Added German and Hungarian translations (provided by Deflaktor and martin66789 respectively)
    • Fixed gingerbread house textures for winter and rest of year were switched.
    • Fixed rare crash with PyTK when encountering a unicorn.
    • DeepWoodsModAPI (for modders): Removed external nuget package, instead reference the DeepWoodsMod.dll to use the API.
    • Improved luck check for excalibur sword:
      • Player Luck Level reduced to 8, which is the highest value achievable in vanilla SDV with buffs.
      • Daily Luck needs to be positive.
    • Added more monsters. (Bug, Spider, Putrid Ghost, Dust Sprite.)
    • Added "dangerous" modifier for monsters (new 1.5 feature)
    • Added new and improved settings:
      • LightSourceDensity: Controls how many lights there are in a range from 0 - 100. 0 means no lights at all.
      • BaubleDensity: Controls how many baubles there are in a range from 0 - 100. 0 means no baubles at all.
      • LeafDensity: Controls how many leaves there are in a range from 0 - 100. 0 means no leaves at all.
      • GrassDensity: Controls how much grass there is in a range from 0 - 100. 0 means no grass at all.
      • MonsterDensity: Controls how many monsters there are in a range from 0 - 100. 0 means no monsters at all.
      • DisableBuffedMonsters: Self-explanatory.
      • DisableDangerousMonsters: Self-explanatory.
      • ChanceForNonDangerousMonster: Self-explanatory.
      • EnableGuaranteedClearings and GuaranteedClearingsFrequency: If enabled every level that is a multiple of GuaranteedClearingsFrequency is a clearing. (Default: 50, 100, 150, etc)
    • Local splitscreen coop is still broken. Sorry :(

1.2 was for the previous stable release of Stardew Valley (1.3.28) and required SMAPI v2.7. It is now obsolete.
1.3 was for SMAPI v2.8. It uses its own multiplayer implementation and has unreliable DeepWoodsAPI support.
1.4 was for SMAPI v2.9.2. It uses the new SMAPI multiplayer API and supports DeepWoodsAPI 1.0.6.
1.5 was for SMAPI v2.9.2. It uses the new SMAPI multiplayer API and supports DeepWoodsAPI 2.0.1.
1.6 was for SMAPI v3.0 with Stardew Valley 1.3 (also works with SMAPI 2.11.1). It supports DeepWoodsAPI 2.0.1.
1.7 is for Stardew Valley 1.4 with SMAPI v3.0 and up. It supports DeepWoodsAPI 2.0.2.
1.8 is for Stardew Valley 1.4 with SMAPI v3.5 and up. It supports DeepWoodsAPI 2.0.2.
1.9 is for Stardew Valley 1.5 with SMAPI v3.8 and up. It supports DeepWoodsAPI 2.0.2.
2.0 is for Stardew Valley 1.5.5 with SMAPI v3.13 and up (64bit). The external DeepWoodsAPI package is now obsolete, instead reference the DeepWoodsMod.dll in your project to use the API.

Compatibility with other mods

I am not actively testing compatibility myself, but I will add more mods as information from users piles up. Thanks to everyone who tests and reports these!

  • Stardew Valley Expanded ✔️ Fully compatible.
  • Expanded Woods ✔️ Fully compatible.
  • Extended Minecart ✔️ Fully compatible.
  • Save Anywhere ❌ Broken, nothing I can fix. Save Anywhere doesn't report save events correctly, causing crashes when used with DeepWoods.
  • MTN2 ✔️ Fully compatible.
  • MTN1 ⚠️Only compatible in singleplayer. Not compatible in multiplayer as it breaks the SMAPI network API. (If you use an old version of DeepWoods, 1.3-beta.17 and earlier, you can use the for playing in multiplayer. Later versions rely on the SMAPI multiplayer API.)
  • Even More Secret Woods ⚠️ Both mods edit the same section in the "Woods" map. It's possible to enter the Deep Woods, but when exiting you are trapped in a secret pathway belonging to the other mod. shiorinr made a patch that allows to exit the pathway: A readme with instructions is included in the file.

  • Immersive Farm 2 ⚠️ (THIS IS NOT THE ONE THAT SHIPS WITH SVE!) Not compatible out of the box, but I created a patch. You need to download the file and replace the Woods.tbin included in the Immersive Farm 2 mod folder. A readme with instructions is included in the file.

DeepWoodsModAPI / Modding the DeepWoods

You can create your own mod and use the DeepWoodsModAPI to modify DeepWoods levels or add your own custom levels. To do so, simply add the MaxVollmer.StardewValley.DeepWoodsMod.API nuget package to your mod project. You can find example projects that use the API here:

Where can I find the entrance to the DeepWoods forest?

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How deep does it go?

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What dangers are lurking in the DeepWoods forest?

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What perks and benefits can I find in the DeepWoods forest?

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Some more questions that are spoilers by themselves already:




How can I support you?

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I will add more questions as they come.