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Add a new area below the secret woods, added a bit more stumps, berry bushes, maples, oaks, a hidden lake with gold quality spots and an abandonned house. Available version for Content Patcher.

Permissions and credits

This is my first mod, it adds a new area to the secret woods. I added some stumps, a hidden lake, an abandonned house and some
bushes and trees. The entrance is a secret path below the less secret area of the woods, see image for reference. If you search a bit you will
find some secret paths!

If you want to use this mod on a saved game, install Entoarox Framework and type world_reset bushes
in the SMAPI console
If you are using the multiplayer beta version, install the temporary
little mod BushReset I made from Entoarox Framework and type world_reset bushes
in the SMAPI console. (link in Optional Files)
You will have to sleep a night to see the new stumps appearing.

Changelog :
v1.2 :
I decided to make the map a bit more lively and corrected the entrance of a secret path, please run the world_reset bushes
command once again
after updating the mod
to get it to work.

-Added a little clearing inspired by a certain in-game character.
-Added two hidden messages to find in the secret paths.
-Added a function to the abandonned house : by right-clicking on the broken door you'll see your stats.

**Do not edit, trace, or redistribute this mod without my express permission.

(Recommended) Install EvenMoreSecretWoods with SMAPI and Content Patcher: 
1. Install Content Patcher
2. Download the mod
3. Extract .zip file
4. Copy/move the "EvenMoreSecretWoods" folder into the mods file. It
should be in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stardew
5. You're done!

Install EvenMoreSecretWoods XNB style: 
1. Download the mod
2. Extract the .zip file
3. Locate your Stardew Valley>Content>Maps folder
4. Copy/move the woods.xnb file into the Maps folder and REPLACE it
5. You're done!

WARNING : If you are using the multiplayer beta version, this installation will
cause harm to your game, use the Content Patcher method instead.

I want to thank Pathoschild, F4ith, EmissaryOfInfinity and all the modding
channel of the SDV discord for their precious help and patience with my
noob questions.