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Allows map makers more creative freedom, allowing the Farmhouse, Greenhouse, Memorial, Cave, starting Shipping Bin entry/exit points (of neighboring maps), and mailbox to be moved while remaining completely functional. Provides support for custom maps in Multiplayer. Enhances multiplayer. Allows what was once not possible, to be possible.

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News: MTN 2.0.0-alpha1 is here! This is a test build. Please report any bugs with alpha1!

MTN (More Than Necessary) is a SDV Map Framework that aims to provide four goals.

- Creative Freedom in Map Making
Originally, map making farm maps required following a particular order. A map modder could not be able to move the farm house, green house, or other objects of static nature. Doing so would cause such things to become broken or act strange (example: Even if the interaction point of the farm house is moved, the farm house would be placed in its original location). MTN solves these problems that map makers faced, giving support and redirecting game logic. Map Makers can:

  * Move objects that were previously static in nature (Greenhouse, Farmhouse, Shipping Bin, Entry/Exit points, etc)
  * Override the warp points on neighboring farm maps
  * Override / Patch up existing maps entirely.
  * Allow XNB or TBIN map loading
  * Set a particular amount of cabins to be created at the creation of a co-op game.
  * Set rules for spawning particular monsters at night (Future release: MTN 2.0)
  * Set rules for spawning Ores (Like the Hilltop Map) and Gem Nodes (Future release: MTN 2.0)
  * Set rules for spawning Forage items (Mushrooms, Coconuts, Spring Onions, etc)
  * Set rules for spawning Large Resource Items (Boulders, Logs, Stumps)
  * Allow for custom map logic
  * Etc

- Manages custom farm maps/types.
Stardew Valley only allows 5 particular farm maps at all times. Originally, most map modders would simply replace an existing farm map with their own. This is no longer needed, as MTN will manage and support an arbitrary amount of custom farm maps/types along with the original five maps. In addition, players have the ability to control the spawn of debris they start with.

- Allows players to change the exterior look of their Farm house / Cabin, mid game. (Future Release: MTN 2.0)
If a player wanted to change the look of their house, they would download a mod that simply replaces the look. MTN provides the ability for a player to interact with Robin, shop for a certain exterior look (whatever mod they would have installed for it), pay the fee and have it changed in three days, just like if Robin was building something.

- Enhance Multiplayer. Allows Custom Maps and Custom Farms in Multiplayer.
The biggest (and potentially most popular) feature with MTN is the support it provides for custom maps, and custom farm maps in Multiplayer. MTN handles all the needed logic for custom maps and custom farms to function correctly. This enable particular maps to occur in Multiplayer:

  * Farm Expansion maps can now exist in Multiplayer
  * Buildings can exist on Farm Expansion maps, and farmhands will not crash.
  * Animals can be placed in buildings in Farm Expansion maps.
  * Cabins can exist on a Farm Expansion map, and be usable
  * Cabins can exist on ANY Buildable Map, it does not have to just be a farm.
  * Etc...

Some Technical stuff:

Each custom farm map must contain a farmType.json file, as well as the manifest.json that SMAPI requires.
The larger the farm, the longer the load will take

Limitations on very large maps:

Due to the rendering techniques within Stardew Valley, maps that are bigger than 156 tiles on the Y axis (Height) will stop rendering after the 156th tile. Consider seperate maps if you need a long map.

Found a bug? Have suggestions or questions? Feel free to contact me on Stardew Valley Discord, SgtPickles#6747

Version 2.0.0-alpha8:
- Fixed a bug where MTN2 would crash if no content packs were added in.
- Fixed a bug where MTN2 threw the error "System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException" when no farm buttons were clicked when starting a new game.

Version 2.0.0-alpha7:
- Fixed a bug where "NullException" occured when selecting starting cabins with a canon map.

Version 2.0.0-alpha6:
- Fixed MacOS/Linux compatibility problem with PatchManager and darkmagic.json

Version 2.0.0-alpha5:
- Ore, Resource, and Forging Spawns and Rules.
- Patch Config/Controller [MTN2 should generate darkmagic.json in the mod folder]
- Custom Greenhouses & greenHouseType.json
- Can create farmType.json and greenHouseType.json via SMAPI help command.
- Refactoring/Optimizations.
- Bug fixes.

Version 2.0.0-alpha4:
- Fixed issue where players got stuck when exiting the Greenhouse.

Version 2.0.0-alpha3:
- Fixed issue with Backwards Compatibility on certain maps.

Version 2.0.0-alpha2:
- Implemented Backwards Compatibility for custom farms made with MTN1
- Implemented Foraging, Resource, and Ore spawn mechanics
- Bug fix: Creation Menu would not scroll down for some
- Bug fix: Mail Notification Symbol

Version 2.0.0-alpha1 (The base rewrite):
- Reworked Multiplayer functionality to use SMAPI's API, rather then Ad-hoc method.
- Reworked the code patching system.
- Refactored and Reorganized all the code for MTN.

- Multi-map farms have been disabled, as they have not been (re)implemented.

Wanna use MTN for your custom map? Check out the article section for tutorial and documentation.