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some wallpapers for your needs

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i was messing with textures and decided to share the results

installation (standart): just take that .xnb file inside .zip archive and drop it into your 'Stardew Valley/Content' and 'Stardew Valley/Content/Maps' folders
installation (Content Patcher ver.): drop the files from .zip archive into your 'Stardew Valley\Mods' folder. don't forget what you need main Content Patcher mod files to use this!
installation (Custom Walls and Floors ver.): you need to download main Custom Walls and floors mod files and extract them into your 'Stardew Valley\Mods' folder. after that you can do the same with archive from this page. enjoy!
installation (Alternative Textures ver.): you need to download main Alternative Textures mod files for this pack to work properly. for more details please read the AT mod page!

p.s.: if you'll notice that something is wrong with the mod - please, let me know
p.s.s.: mods used for screenshots: Glitched burger: Furniture overhaul | Yellog's Pink colored Furniture
Elegant Victorian Interior | Witchy-Gothic Interior | Seaside Interior | Cute valley | Classy new interior
sorry if i forgot to mention any other mod, because my furniture.xnb/png is a mess.
but if you see that some of the items are missing from the list - feel free to point that out and i'll try to find this mod
thank you!