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just dog's sprites

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 ★ ★ ★

I already have those sprites on the OFFICIAL FORUM, but disaded to add them here too :)

i drew some doggos for fun and thought - hey! i may as well share it
they're not perfect (blame my hands about pomeranian tail, what looks like alien jellyfish who want to eat his butt), but still, maybe someone will find them cute

installation (standart):
put your file of choice into Content\Animals and replace the "dog.xnb", "dog1.xnb" or/and "dog2.xnb" with it. this way you can have up to 3 different dogs at once! (patch 1.4+)

installation (Content Patcher ver.): it changes your dog into brown "lady" by defolt! in order to use the rest, open the file 'content' and change the line 'assets/lady-dark-collar.png' for 'assets/<name-of-file-in-folder>.png'. since patch 1.4 added ingame "recolors" - you can change the rest of the options the same way as above! don't forget what you need main Content Patcher mod files to use this!
installation (More Animals): open your "MoreAnimals/skins" folder and add the files from this mod (you need to rename them to look like 'dog_2.xnb' or 'dog_11.xnb' though). for more information look at the More Animals mod page or just ask :)
also, as an alternative to More Animals you can use Adopt'n'Skin mod!

p.s: sorry, if i write with mistakes - not very confident with my english skills
p.s.s: if you'll notice that something is wrong with the mod - please, let me know