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  • 接受地图绘制委托,如果你正在制作mod,需要找人绘制地图,那么请联系我。
  • Accept the commission of map drawing. If you are making mod and need to find someone to draw a map, please contact me.
  • 我一直想做一个农舍mod,面对它的复杂性,我一直没有开始,最终,经过了一个星期的工作,我成功了。现在它来了!
  • I have always wanted to do a farmhouse mod, but faced with its complexity, I never started. In the end, after a week of work, I succeeded. Now it's here!

  • 介绍 (Introduce):
  • 这个农舍一共有5个区域,当你的农舍为1级时,你的农舍只有1层,附加一个内置的种植区。(This farmhouse consists of 5 areas. Your starter farmhouse has only 1 floor with an integrated planting area.)
  • 当你的农舍为2级时,农舍变成了2层,种植区也扩大了一点。(After the first upgrade, the farmhouse is expanded to 2 floors, and the planting area is also expanded.)
  • 当你的农舍为3级时,现在的农舍拥有3层,并且增加了一个天台。(After the second upgrade, the farmhouse has 3 floors and a rooftop terrace.)
  • 农场的水中可以钓鱼,种植区可以种植作物,天台的地板可以随时改变。(You can fish in the waters, grow crops in the planting area, and customize the floor of the rooftop terrace as you wish.)
  • 罗宾那里可以装修农舍。(You can decorate your farmhouse in Robin's shop)
  • 当你第一次进入农舍,会有一个事件发生,是我在提醒大家不要去购买收费的mod,因为有人在贩卖我的mod,我所有的mod都是免费提供给大家的。(When you first enter the farmhouse, there will be an event, I am reminding everyone not to purchase paid mod, Because someone is selling my mod. All my mods are provided for free to everyone.)

  • config设置:
  • "EarlyCellar":提前使用酒窖,意思是从1级农舍开始,你就可以解锁酒窖了,默认是关闭的。(If you want the 1st and 2nd level farmhouses to have cellar, then enable it.)
  • "EnableKitchen":启用厨房,默认启用,如果你想删除厨房,那就把true改成false。(If you don't need a kitchen, you can disable it.)
  • "EnableFarmingAreasDecoration":启用种植区的装饰,默认启用,可以设置成false来清空种植区的装饰。(The decorations of Farming areas can be placed or deleted.)
  • "CribFix":修复婴儿床,默认启用,只有当你的婴儿床上有婴儿的时候关闭它。1.6游戏版本中已删除(Fixed the floor shadow of the crib. If you have a newborn baby, please disable it and wait for your baby to leave the crib before enabling it again. Removed in game version 1.6.)

  • 兼容 (Compatible):
  • Industrial Kitchen and Interior 
  • No Built In Kitchen ,只是在农舍中看不见奇怪的瓷砖,我设置了可以删除厨房,所以应该不需要安装这个mod。(Just can't see any strange tiles in the farmhouse. I have set up a kitchen that can be deleted, so there shouldn't be a need to install this mod)
  • Multiple Spouses ,我没有改变原版配偶房位置(I have not changed the location of spouse room.)
  • Free Love 
  • Redesigned Cellar Layout ,兼容其他所有没有改变酒窖入口的酒窖mod。(Compatible with all other cellar mods that have not changed the entrance of the cellar)
  • Aimon's Tidy Cozy Cellar ,增加了和艾蒙整洁舒适的酒窖的兼容。(Compatible with Aimon's Tidy Cozy Cellar)
  • Attic For Farmhouse
  • Asters Bathroom Replaces Spouseroom , Asters Bathroom Extension  ,只兼容steam版本农舍,我修改了这2个mod的content代码,你可以在这里找到 (Only compatible with Steam version farmhouse. I have modified the content code of these two mods, you can find it here )
  • 兼容SVE, RSV等大型拓展mod。(Compatible with SVE and RSV)
  • 应该兼容所有重新着色。(Compatible with all recolors)
  • 如果农舍中有事件发生,有可能人物的位置会有问题。(If the event occurs in the farmhouse, there may be a problem with the location of the characters.)
  • 兼容多人联机,可以正常进出联机小屋,但是联机小屋内的其他传送失效。(Compatible with multiplayer mode. Can enter and exit the cabin normally. But other warps inside the cabin have failed)

  • 已知bug (Known bugs):
  • 配偶房物品消失(Spouse's room items Disappearing),这是因为农舍不允许修改地图的相关代码,当代码中执行修改地图的命令时,配偶房的物品就会消失,在你下次重新打开游戏的时候才会出现,没有更好的解决办法。(This is because the farmhouse does not allow Edit Map code, When the Edit Map command is executed, the items in the spouse room will disappear, there is no way to solve this problem. The item will only appear the next time you start the game.)
  • 配偶房物品消失的玩家,请下载自定义配偶房 ,(Players whose spouse room items have disappeared, please download custom spouse rooms)
  • 手机版本酒窖返回农舍传送位置错误,手机版bug,暂时无法解决。(The Android version of the wine cellar returned to the farmhouse with an incorrect transfer location, and there is a bug in the Android version that cannot be resolved at the moment.)
  • 如果你发现了bug,请你告诉我,如果可以解决,我会第一时间修改。(If you find a bug, please let me know. If it can be resolved, I will make the necessary changes as soon as possible.)

  • 建议 (recommendation):
  • 升级农舍之前,把所有的家具清除。(Before upgrading the farmhouse, remove all furnitures.)
  • 请在每一次农舍升级前清理种植区(解锁酒窖除外),因为所有物品会在农舍升级之后移动位置,现在有很多人正在装修农舍,我不想因为我的修改导致他们重新装修。(Please clean up the plant area  before each upgrading of the farmhouse (except for unlocking the wine cellar), because all items will move after the upgrading of the farmhouse. Now many people are decorating the farmhouse. I don't want them to dress up again because of my modification.)
  • 在删除这个农舍之前,也同样清除所有家具。(Before deleting this farmhouse mod, also remove all furnitures.)

  • My English is not good, please forgive me.