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Makes your cellar maps look new and fresh towards more realistic layout.

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A relatively small cellar map with mor realistic and detailed layout,
You can add extra 2nd floor room and change walls recolor in mod's config!

  1. Install Content Patcher and Extra Map Layers,
  2. Unpack the mod archive and place it into your Mods folder,
  3. Done!


  • ModEnabled - true, false
  • Mirrored Cellar - true. false (enable if you're using Delott's Farmhoues, Ts apartmen't house and other mods that aren't listed in Compatibility List)
  • Recolor - Dark, Light
  • Cellar size - Big, Small
  • Wooden floor sections - true, false

  • Compatible with any recolor 
  • Compatible with Fancy Farmhouse, Tidy Cozy Farmhouse,  Lnh's First FarmHouse, Seasonal Garden Farmhouse V2, Seasonal Garden Farmhouse V2 (Unofficial Update), Tiny Farmhouse.
  • Compatible with expansions (SVE, Ridgeside, ect..)
  • Compatible with Delott's Farmhoues, Ts apartmen't house  and other farmhouse mods that aren't listed above (NOTE: you'll need to enable "Mirrored Cellar" option in my mod's config!)
  • Not compatible with any mods that edit cellar map


  • This mod works fine if you'll install it on already existing save file.
  • VERY IMPORTANT! Before deleting this mod from your Mods folder - please, pick up all your casks and other furniture from the cellar (it can disappear after you delete this mod or install other cellar mod).
  • Wall furniture (like banners or paintings) cannot be placed on walls in cellar - it's hardcoded. All other furniture like tables, couches, ect.. is fine tho.
  • You can't change floor texture in texture -  it's hardcoded.
  • After Robin finish cellar upgrade, the default casks spawn position will be offsetted - you'll need to relocate them by hand.

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